NEED TO WEED>>>I am a keen gardener without a garden and live near the allotments on CHURCH STREET. I look longingly in between the bars of the gates as I pass on my walks. So, in an attempt to address my growing need to weed, i am offering  a couple of hours a week in afternoons to help in the garden. I would be useful, as I have had my own vege and flower gardens all my life before setting out travelling. I would like to grow a few chard plants in return, as i cannot buy it here easily and it is a staple in my culinary lie!!! ( Yes it is true!!) . If thats not possible, my offer to help, for the pleasure alone, still stands. 07503939638 or (Otherwise I would be happy to work in a local garden for some form of exchange or remuneration a few hours a week)

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Valerie - I have a fairly bare garden that definitely has potential to be nice and which I think I am gradually improving. If nothing better comes up, you are welcome to pop over and see whether you would like to work with me on it. I am sure we could find space for your chards! Any way, lets see if you get some better offers and perhaps close to home (I am in Gloucester Road).

Hi Valerie


Have you tried any of these sites.


I occasionally need a second pair of hands, for some of the gardens I maintain if that kind of work interests you let me know and we could arrange to meet up.





Thanks Paul.. I appreciate your offer... I will hang on a bit. Sorry abut delay in response.V
Thanks Jacqui.. looked and had a lovely journey thru the sites .. v informative and inspiring. v

Hi Valerie,


My husband and I have a huge corner plot in the Royal Paddocks Allotments, Bushy Park. We have 2 young children and run our own business, so getting down there is really tough.


If you would like to come down & give us a hand, I'm sure we can work it out.


Let me know what you think




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