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9:00 am Post Box collections

Have you noticed that all post boxes in the Hampton area now have a ridiculously early daily collection – between 09:00 and 09:30 (depending where you are), except for the Station Road post office, which is 5:15 pm. Royal Mail seems to have made this change with no announcement (at least, I've not seen anything). Who wants to post a letter, birthday card etc etc at that time of the morning? It effectively adds a day to the delivery time.

Have there been any representations to Royal…


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To think

People can be so cruel

In front of everybody, a woman gets up

And offers me her seat

Made me think, when I had recovered my composure

To think

Was I was once so young

Running home from school each day

As football songs I sung

When cowboys at the Lido played

And nothing made feel afraid

Even jumping walls in old Step Lane

Which gave me bruises

But no pain

Or fighting often in…


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Fashion stylist and professional shopper for men and women

If you’re looking to update your image, maybe due to a change in body shape, a new job, you’re getting back on the dating scene? Or maybe you have a few events coming up or a Wedding to attend.., I can help you find the perfect outfit and accessories for your body shape, complexion regardless of age and gender. I’m a local Hamptonian, but I also own a boutique and gift shop Sartorial, 50 Coombe Rd Kingston Upon Thames KT27AF 

Pop in anytime or contact me 020 3759…


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In need of a local photographer to capture those special moments.

For all your photography requirements. Weddings * Christenings * Portraits, Parties * Events * Dating Agencies.

We have access to a studio on Platts Eyot Island and can shoot in the comfort of your own home.

Please get in touch for more information, plus links below…


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STAFF Wanted for Coffee Shop in Hampton

Hi - we are looking for someone to work for us at Grind & Steam in Hampton - no experience necessary - shifts from Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm -job is to make carefully crafted coffee and prepare food for our esteemed customers!…


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Transport Madness

Obviously no one is talking to each other!!!  We all knew about the trains.  I sensibly made appointments at Kingston Hospital around the train dates.  Unfortunately one urgent one cropped up and I made it late enough to get 2 buses.  To my horror I have since found out that all the buses are in chaos due to road works in Kingston.  I needed to get to the bus station, not so, no buses going there.  I have no idea where the stops are from Kingston up to the hospital.  Could they not have done…


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Big Band concert directed by Radio 2's Frank Renton Sun 6th Nov 2.30pm

Looking forward to playing with White House Big Band on Sun 6th Nov at 1430. Band will be directed by Frank Renton of Radio 2's Listen to the Band. Theme is 'The Great American Songbook'


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Emergency sewer repairs Hampton Court Road

Thames Water will be carrying out emergency sewer repairs on Hampton Court Road, from tomorrow (25 October), prior to road resurfacing works due to start next week.


The utility company contacted the Council to request access to the road prior to the resurfacing works commencing.  Therefore, from 7am – 7pm for one week, temporary two way traffic signals will be in place. These will be manually operated at peak times.


Following these sewer repairs, a section of…


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Gas works on Station Road

The existing gas work on Station Road junction with Ormond Avenue is the essential gas work that was delayed previously to allow for other higher priority utility works in the area. 

At the outset, it was unclear whether or not temporary traffic lights would be required as the exact location of the main was unknown prior to excavating the site. 


The current traffic management plan does involve 2 way temporary traffic lights with pedestrian facilities as the…


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Get involved in the Village Plan

Richmond Council's Village Plan engagement continues this weekend.

Drop in exhibition, Saturday 27th February, 10.00 - 4.00 at Hampton Infants School, TW12 2JH

Walk abouts, Sunday 28th February,

11.00 - 1.00 outside Little Waitrose, 72 Oldfield Road Hampton TW12 2HQ,…


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Half truths



Reach in, to the shadows that entice

All manner of feelings

Reflections of vice

These quiet moments float

In consciousness. Semblances

Of shadows that glance…


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Hampton Question Time

Want to find out what the Leader of the Council thinks about issues in Hampton? Come to our event on 28 January


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I'm Bill Reed


I've joined the Hampton People's Network because I am the Community Links Officer for Hampton and Hampton Hill, working for Richmond Council. 

If it's OK I'll be posting about Council events taking place in the area over the next few months - in particular around Village Planning.

If anyone wants to know more, or to ask about Council plans and activities, I'm happy to be approached. Email me on , phone 020 8331 6273…


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Hi. Some friends and I want to attend the Quiz at Hampton Social Club but there is no information about it on their website, or any contact details on the post on this Network. I have sent an email direct, but received no reply as yet. If I hear nothing I will phone the number on their website. I just thought that if they made it more obvious/advertised more they would get more people to come along! Does anyone have any inside information?? Thanks.

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Potential Scam or Hack of the site

Dear Hampton Peoples Network.

A few months ago I was trying to do some research about my mums childhood in Hampton in the twenties and thirties.

We have since been over to the UK from Hampton and have visited a few of mums old haunts. This research is something I will get back to when I get more time.

My main point is that I recently got an email from a Stella Kwale which came from this email address

Hampton People's Network []…


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Ladies Watch Found Tudor Rd, Hampton

Ladies Watch found today 11th November, in Tudor Road Hampton.

 Please make contact so I can reunite you.


 Bob James

Added by Bob James on November 11, 2015 at 18:39 — 2 Comments

Reliable Builder/plasterer

Does anyone know a reliable and good builder/plasterer?  Thanks for any help.

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Lost Dog

Hello All

Just wanted to share this; my dog went missing yesterday from my garden between 2.30 - 6.00pm I am assuming that he was spooked by fireworks and not stolen but do not know for sure.  All the main authorities have been alerted inc vets etc and posters are going up. My dog is a Yorkshire Terrier X, long in body and has long caramel coloured fur.  He is 6yr old and very nervous so sadly not easily approachable. His name is Baloo and I attach a photo and would ask please, please…


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Stranger in Garden-Hanworth Road, Hampton

I have just had a complete stranger enter my back garden. He stated he was working next door. I challenged him on this as I felt it was suspicious. He then said he was working further down the road.

When asked what he wanted he said he would be closing off a pavement area to undertake work. When asked what company he was working for he just said a maintenance company.


The man was early 30's,wore blue check shirt and jeans and wore a…


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Concert "Great Britain"

If you misssed the Last Night of the Proms or want to sing again Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Brittania and Jerusalem come to the Middlesex Yeomanry (Duke of Cambridge's Hussars) Band Concert atthe White House,(by little Sainsbury's) on the Avenue, Hampton at 2.30 this Sunday   Tickets £10 at the door, free programme and refreshments.  Judy 

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