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Me, e-publishing and Kafka

Always keen to show that I am at the forefront of technology ;-), a little while ago I thought I would try my hand at an ebook. Writing it took a bit of time, but ebooks can be any length, so my book is quite short - only 16,000 words. The actual process of publishing it on Amazon was amazingly easy - it took about 30 minutes and was very simple. Now my book on Kafka - a short, hopefully readable, fun and interesting take on his work - is on amazon and available across the world. …


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Slowing Getting Moving

Well, we have made it to 10 members (!) and made progress in a number of other ways. I have incorporated planning alerts for Hampton into the frontpage of the site as well as fix-my-street (which does not seem to be much used in this area at the moment!). I have also added Google Analytics so I can see how many visits the site gets and where they come from. Plus on Hugh's advice I have added the site to Facebook and wikipedia and created a twitter feed based on the RSS recent activities stream.… Continue

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Getting Things Started

Yesterday I met John Inglis and his partner Jill and had a long discussion with them about setting up a community website for Hampton. John is the driving force behind and has spent nearly 12 years creating websites to help the local community. He was very happy to offer any assistance he could, but his experience did highlight some potential problems. In particular, he highlighted the danger of any site being hijacked by people with a political agenda and the… Continue

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