This issue may have been raised before on this network but I'm new to it. 


The libraries have stopped issuing compostable large green food bin liners. The Council say that they have discontinued it as the liners are available in the major local stores and they do not want to compete with local retailers.


The council kindly gave me the size of the liners as 25 litre 600x600mm but Sainsburys  and Tesco say that do not supply this size but they do for the caddy bins.


Has any found an alternative source for the larger liners?


Ralph Turner

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Comment by Gareth Roberts on May 14, 2011 at 16:48

Yes, a sadly short sighted policy decision taken by the council. Their rationale is that now liners are freely available elsewhere then they have no need to supply them; the argument that by supplying them in Libraries you encourage footfall into those council run establishments and therefore are able to reach residents with important information about services and upcoming events doesn't seem to have been considered.


I raised this some time ago and was sent some online details of retailers by council officers - I'll see if I can dig them out. 

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