Always keen to show that I am at the forefront of technology ;-), a little while ago I thought I would try my hand at an ebook. Writing it took a bit of time, but ebooks can be any length, so my book is quite short - only 16,000 words. The actual process of publishing it on Amazon was amazingly easy - it took about 30 minutes and was very simple. Now my book on Kafka - a short, hopefully readable, fun and interesting take on his work - is on amazon and available across the world. It's not really a money-making venture, so I priced the ebook at 99p! What's more I did an initial free period, so today it is free if anyone is interested and wants to download it. So if anyone ever wanted to have a go at writing something, I can definitely recommend it. As long as you have got something to say, getting it out there is really easy!!

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Comment by Steve Morley on September 5, 2015 at 11:34

Couldn't agree more Paul. I have published three novels on Amazon and recently a book of short stories entitled SHEPPERTON. I am often stopped by Hamptonians who think they recognise themselves (or someone local) in one or other of the stories. Sometimes they get it right. Great fun!

HPN Team
Comment by paul johnston on September 6, 2015 at 6:42

yes. Shepperton - - looks an interesting concept for all us commuters: each station gets a story on the way and on the way back. For Hampton its The Curious Events surrounding the Laughing Cavalier outward and the Whistle Blower for the return journey. Hum ...

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