The Bell Inn .... just a rip off!! spread the word

We went at the Bell Inn pub in Hampton on the 13th of Jan. As being a very reputable and expensive pub, my partner and I always kept the chance to go for the first time like a treat.

We have finally decided to go after living in Station rd for quite a while now. The experience we had was utterly disappointing.

Let's start with the service.
I ordered a burger and my partner bread and oil with some chips. The burger arrived at the table after 10 min, very fast! We thought that the rest was coming, instead after 15 min i had to go and ask at the bar what was going on. I have been told it would have come out in 2 min. After 5 min finally bread and chips were brought at the table, with my partner who had eaten already half of my portion brought with burger. The first impression it wasn't good at all. How come it takes 10 minutes to bring a burger and chips (!!) at the table and 20 minutes for some sliced bread (which wasn't even home made!) and a portion of chips which they could have been easily cooked with my portion that came with the burger? What if we had ordered the bread and oil as a starter?

Let's pass onto the quality of the food.
If you pay £10.95 for a burger you would expect this to be exceptionally nice and well cooked. It wasn't!! The bacon was so crispy and overcooked that I have almost broken a tooth to chew it. The same was for the meat, it was burnt and hard on the outside and very dry inside, I had to sip beer almost at every bite to push it down my stomach.
The oil to dip the bread in was put in a small deep pot that you would normally use for mayonnaise or nuts. We had to dip the whole slice of bread to reach the balsamic vinegar on the bottom, at least three quarter of the the slice was soaked with the oil which was also of a bad quality.
The chips were so hard that they had been overcooked or re-fried. We had to leave them as they were disgusting.
At the end we were waiting for the waitress to come again around the tables so we could have asked for the bill. She didn't come anymore and we had to wait 10 min at the bar just to pay what we had consumed already. Whilst waiting, a very annoyed man came at the bar asking for the bill for his table, he was the man sitting next to our table in the dining area. He might have waited even longer for the waitress to come!! 
Surely I won't go there for food anymore.
As I was planning to dine out next week, luckily I went first, as surely i won't bring there my friends from Italy next week and surely won't have the business dinner there either next Saturday.
In conclusion, what has this experience given me more than other dinners had at pub chains like Wetherspoon, Fuller, etc? About 40/50% higher price and very bad service and food. How much their burger should be worth? £16.95?  

As last note, I did complain right away and somebody called Simon sent me the below

"Thank you for taking the tome to forward this feedback on.

I am truly appalled at the level of service you have received, it is totally unacceptable.

I am meeting the team on shift today and when I have found out what happened I will come back to you.

Kind regards, Simon"

It's now the 8th of February I'm still waiting to hear from him. How happy I am to have discovered the Jolly Cooper!!


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