Obviously no one is talking to each other!!!  We all knew about the trains.  I sensibly made appointments at Kingston Hospital around the train dates.  Unfortunately one urgent one cropped up and I made it late enough to get 2 buses.  To my horror I have since found out that all the buses are in chaos due to road works in Kingston.  I needed to get to the bus station, not so, no buses going there.  I have no idea where the stops are from Kingston up to the hospital.  Could they not have done the road works knowing people would be getting buses.

To cap it all I went to the top of Avenue Road yesterday and found the bus stop out of use.  No temporary one there.  Says go to next/ previous stops.  That's either the station or down by the river.  I have trouble walking (hence latest hospital appointment) which makes it a very painful walk for me or anyone else with a slight/big disability.  I did ring Tfl yesterday and explained the situation and he said it is probably in hand. I have just walked back from Station Road and there isn't a temporary stop.

Can the powers that be work together please to enable people to move around the area.

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