I know that paying for parking doesn't affect us directly in Hampton, but if you use the car parks elsewhere in the borough you might be wondering what happened to the new council's policy of giving residents 30 minutes free parking. Well as far as I can tell we will only qualify for this if we apply for a RichmondCard which is a prepaid parking card, details available here




The RT Times carried a story recently that the council are surprised that take-up is so low, maybe that's because they haven't exactly rushed to tell us about it....

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Hello Samantha


More details about the project can be found in the official papers which will be presented to cabinet




It's carrying quite a hefty price tag to send out all of these extra cards - they're allowing for £70,000 of funding from general reserves just to pay for the new cards and associated marketing.


This is definite expenditure, the mitigation offered in the following paragraph is based on an assumption "it can be fairly assumed that a significant number of these residents would have applied for a Card in due course." Can it? 

It's probably a bit chicken and egg. Once the scheme is up and running I am sure that there will be lots more applications for cards, if folk are otherwise missing out on free parking, and assuming clear instructions on how to (easily) apply for a card are posted at each ticket machine!

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