Hello I am a semi local... I work and live as a carer for a couple who are arguably some of the longest dwellers (!!!** you know what I mean, not like string, but as in residing) in Hampton in Church Street 3 weeks a month and then go off and explore your wonderful country on the 4th week... During my weeks here I would like to ride a bicycle on my time off ( 2 hours a day...yep thats right). I walk a lot but would really enjoy the occasional glide through the leaves and frost around Bushy park... and perhaps a little further afield sometimes. I do not want a new flash bike.. just a trusty sturdy one that is not too expensive, I am not going to be here for ever.... Prefer a womens one.. i learned my lesson when i borrowed a mans bike a year ago when working in Devon. Yes it is true that one can forget some aspects of riding a bike... So, a bike would be nice, and an occasional companion to join me in the ride would really get my wheels spinning...but that is a bonus...Thanks for even a lead...

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