A small black cat (male, I think) - no collar, white "shirt front" and patch on head, white paws. Looks to be about 6 months old. He has been in our back garden (Nightingale Road) since yesterday afternoon, calling to be let in to the house.


I've talked to the Priory Road vets - they had no missing cat on their database which matched this one's description. A search of the various national missing cat websites has not yielded any results.


Does anyone on here have any ideas?


Tim Costen

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I know it's a bit of a faff but my gut feeling would be to let him in, shove a plate of Whiskas* in front of him and then do a leaflet drop around the immediate surrounding streets or shove posters up on lampposts


Also if you have the time, take a slow walk round the neighbourhood and listen hard - if the cat has been noticed as missing then you may hear some frantic calling.


Finally, if you do reunite cat and owner, make some pointed comments about collars and tags. If you don't find the owner, start considering names for your new pet!



*other cat foods are available

I would let him in - but I don't think our own cats would be very impressed!
Owners now located - in Twickenham: the cat had been missing for 5 weeks.
Wow! Twickenham? That's an adventurous stray - did you make the pointed comments about collars and tags?

It had been microchipped - the vet's in Hanworth Road scanned it for me, took the cat and contacted the owners (and then phoned to pass on the news & the owners' thanks).

So no cause for complaint with the owners.

Collars are a tricky one Gareth.


Some people think it’s 'just wrong' to decorate an animal, others are scared that it might get caught on a branch or such like. I don't think you should criticise someone’s choice when/if they have done it with the best of intentions.


Personally, my cat is currently wearing a collar and tag, I say currently, as its only a matter of time until he scratches it off again! He's not gelling with it, and if it keeps causing him problems then I may have little choice but to forget about the collar, I don't want him to live in a world of irritation. He is chipped though


It’s just not all straight forwards in my view.

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