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Embracing Age Click Here are looking for a volunteer to play chess against a resident in Hampton Care Home.

So if you have time to spare and wouldn't mind the relatively short trip to Hampton Care Home then this would be quite a nice thing to do.

If you can help then contact Embracing Age and they'll do the rest

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Gareth, has anyone thought of contacting Twickenham Prep School.  They have a very serious chess programme and maybe they would be interested in putting in some volunteers to help out. 

All sorted Deb, I am now facing the well honed chess might of Hampton Care on a weekly basis. We could do with a black pawn about an inch tall if you have one, it's tricky with a lip-salve on the H file! 

Hi John - sorry I didn't see this earlier.  I would be more than happy to puchase a new chess set for mighty Hampton Care team.  If you give me an address and a name to send the package, I will have Amazon do the rest. 

Oh no need for that Deb, it is only missing a pawn and I have had one donated. We are sorted. If anyone has another spare couple of pawns (ideally about an inch high) then it would be great to add them to the collection.

Thanks again. Jon

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