So, how many of us have had "Home Choice Promotions Ltd" on the doorstep this evening?

Claiming that the company was fascinated as to how our houses still remain standing since they were built "before the war", this spiel was - in my humble and very personal opinion, a "neat little way round cold calling", as I told the sales rep who banged on our door - at 8pm.

I hope they do get in touch with me; I've been a consumer journalist off and on for 35yrs+.

If I have to call a little local meeting, I will. If I have to engage the services of our lovely PCSOs,  I will.

I've done 100 stories on companies such as these - who already have complaints made to neighbouring police forces, by the way.

And yes, that is all simply a personal opinion. But I do not approve of strangers banging on doors. especially those of my older and more vulnerable neighbours.

Oh - and do not trust a company who cannot spell...........................

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