Congratulations Hampton Academy on positive Ofsted comments!

Congratulations Hampton Academy!
Fantastic to see all the hard work form staff and teachers at Hampton Academy finally being recognised. Congratulations everyone! There are still some improvements to be made (the full report is published on Ofsted’s web site) but it’s important to note the positive changes that have come about before the school officially enters into a Multi-Academy Trust in September.
Highlights from Ofsted’s letter:
"Teaching staff have changed considerably since the inspection. Staffing is now stable. The arrangements for the support of pupils who have special education needs or disability have changed under the leadership of a new coordinator."
"Under your skilful and determined leadership, and support from the associate principal and other senior leaders, improvement is being secured. You have successfully stabilised staffing and recognise that retaining staff, together with removing the remaining inconsistencies in teaching, is key to the school’s journey to good. The action plan is comprehensive, sharply focused on the improvement areas and based on accurate self-assessment. Timescales, success criteria, performance indicators and milestones all provide a road map for improvement."
"...better support and careful tracking of disadvantaged pupils in all year groups now in place."
"There is a clear shift in the ethos and culture across the school. Current assessment information shows that more pupils are now making better than expected progress."
"The vast majority of staff and pupils consistently uphold and understand the behaviour policy. Pupils were seen to get on well together in the social areas. From my visits to lessons, I found pupils showed positive attitudes to learning. The quality and quantity of work in pupils’ books also reflected this."
"We saw teachers interacting more with pupils, asking challenging questions and providing a variety of tasks and activities, which captured pupils’ interests."
"Across the school, morale is high. Both subject leaders and the new heads of year are relishing the ownership and challenge of improvement in their areas. They are monitoring the quality of teaching and now ensure that teachers are fully held to account for the progress of pupils they teach. This careful monitoring by middle and senior leaders is identifying those teachers whose teaching is not yet good. Effective support, for example from the ‘developing good practice group’, is having real impact in helping these teachers to improve. New teaching arrangements in English are supporting higher expectations for teaching as well as greater challenge for higher-attaining pupils. The focus on raising the attainment of the most able is reflected across the school, including in mathematics. Support for those who are least able has been restructured with early assessment of needs, better support and tracking of impact which is improving the progress of these pupils."
"Key stage 3 leaders have developed new schemes of work for pupils’ personal, social and health education, and identified opportunities for their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. The impact of this is most apparent at key stage 3 as pupils now have a better knowledge of other faiths and cultures than previously. In monitoring the impact, leaders identified concerns in Year 8 where absence rates and poor behaviour incidents were higher than in other year groups. As a trial project, leaders have developed further their work on pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness to improve the ethos and culture of this year group. Their rapid actions show a reduction in persistent absence, fewer recorded behaviour incidents and early signs of better rates of progress."
Since Ofsted’s visit, the principal, Mair Hughes, has been building a strong relationship with the headteachers from Waldergrave and Teddington and the schools have already been able to work positively together in many areas. Onwards and upwards :-)

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Hello Sam

This is really good news - and frankly makes one wonder whether the progression along the improvement path could have been really speeded up had the council been more supportive.

Difficult to work out whether this is a good news story for the concept of Academy schools or the opposite...? Given the current debate about latest government policy initiative.
It's s recognition of the hard work of the existing albeit new management team pre MAT - Hampton back your local state school send your kids there ( I have) it's the only way it will continue to improve

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