I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of the verbal diarrhoea, the incessant bull shit, the begging pledges, the continuous barrage of meaningless promises and platitudes every time you turn on the radio or television….and just in case you get bored and turn off….a never ending pile of Party Junk Mail laying in wait on the doormat! 

What makes matters worse is after Thursday it won’t stop….we will have the pompous arrogance and self-righteousness of the 'winners', and the next round of bitching, whining and whinging from the losers and the no-hopers.

Grief, how much more do ‘THEY' expect us to put up with from the Screeching Harridan, the Whispering Turd or the Eton Mess?

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I would like to publicly thank Sir Vince Cable for being a brilliant constituency MP. I do not vote LibBem but Sir Vince has always supported my family and me whenever we have asked his help. My wife and I will miss Sir Vince.

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