Many apologies to anyone who has been troubled with inappropriate messages from someone using the name Lindy. I noticed some messages by her yesterday and suspended her. She then returned and I have suspended her again. Now when people join they have to answer a very simple question. Previously it was: "in what london borough is Hampton?". Obviously the aim is for the answer to be pretty obvious for any Hampton resident, but not obvious to a distant spammer. Clearly the question was easy enough for Lindy, so I have now changed the question to: "What is the nearest Royal Palace?". If anyone can think of a better question which they think every Hampton resident will know the answer to, but which will not be obvious to outsiders, please send me a message with their suggestion. 

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I got two messages from her yesterday.


Dam, I thought I'd pulled....
actually, one way we can combat spammers is to have more administrators. It seems the spammers are generally sensible enough not to send any messages to me, so I don't necessarily find out that quickly. If anyone wants to volunteer to be an administrator and so be able to ban spammers the moment they emerge, please send me a message and we can set that up in an instant.
So glad u mentioned this . I have had two messages from dear Lindy and being a bit of a computer nit twit I could not think what I had said to encourage her . Gave me the creeps a bit so glad I know it wasn, t just me and I can now feel free to reply and converse about the
I have had two messages from her . Being a bit of a computer nit wit I wasn, t quite sure what to do or say and my 11 year old was a bit phased so thanks for dropping a line re this I can see the funny side now
really enjoy the site by the way
Glad you like the site :-)
Hampton and Hampton COurt...may be quite easy... How about 'Who is your MP?'!

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