Congratulations to the Hampton Traders for another excellent Christmas Fair. It seemed busier than ever despite the weather. It's become a firm fixture in the calendar!

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Excellent?? The usual scum were out in numbers. Worse night of the year.

Yes Paul, Excellent.

I'm afraid I don't recognise your view of the Christmas Celebration. From where I was I saw families enjoying themselves, traders doing their bit to provide an annual showcase, children smiling and laughing and above all a great community event which, were it not for the determination of the Hampton Village Traders' Association, could have been a complete washout.

Of course if you have suggestions as to a better event which you're willing to spend three months organising and sourcing funding and sponsorship then I'm sure you'll find an audience on these pages eager to hear your plans.

Paul Hampton said:

Excellent?? The usual scum were out in numbers. Worse night of the year.

This is the first time I have used this forum, but my blood is boiling, young school children singing, shops giving away drinks and food, weather awful, and you have the nerve to call us "scum".  I think an apology is in order, or did you want to offend everyone? 

Thank you Amanda for your kind words, it is always nice to know people out there appreciate all the effort we put in towards this night and the other events we put on to help keep our Village alive and thriving. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Hampton Village Traders Assoc. to thank all those involved in making it possible, to all the non Trader volunteers who came along and helped, to the home crafters, The WI and the many charities who came out to raise a few pounds for good causes, to the shop keepers who selflessly welcomed the charities and home crafters into thier shops when the weather became an issue and to the lovely families that came along too. I know Father Christmas personally and he couldn't praise the manners and behaviour of the children who visited him enough. Though it is a lot of hard work for all involved work I personally reap the benfits tenfold whilst standing in a force ten gale spinning the wheel of fortune, when I see the enjoyment on the childrens faces, the real reason why we do it.

I think we know where to look should we decide to have that well known character the Christmas Grinch on parade next year..........

Isn't it a bit odd the person making the negative comment has used a false and I presume supposedly funny name? Come on HPN administration sort it out.
PS looking forward to next year x

Wonderful evening, a chance for the village traders to show off their wares while people young and old enjoyed the entertainment, fun and laughter. The children thoroughly enjoyed the train ride up and down through the village. Bravo to all who organized it. 


Fantastic evening once again. No amount of bad weather (or bad comments from a rude person) can dampen the spirits of everyone involved.

Thank you and well done to everyone, it gets better every year. One of the reasons why I'm proud to have been born, raised and live in this wonderful village...Hampton!

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