At least the closure for re-surfacing this month earlier this month achieved something and was announced sensibly in advance. Now what do we have? Thames Water, that mean ol' "utility" company, again causing chaos at no notice so they can repair a leak. Maybe the new boss, who is promising to mend the company's ways, can be persuaded to invest in a proper new lining for the pipes under this busy road. These days they don't even have to open access to the pipes in order to put in strong new singing from the inside.

What's the betting...


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Well I hate to say it but I said at the time of resurfing that Thames Water would be digging it up before long.  Where abouts are the road works?

Between St Albans House and the boatyard (I never remember it's new name!)

Sometimes it's called Thame Riviera and sometimes Garrick's Temple, well according to the buses, they seemed to have stopped the first one.  Someone put it on a Tweet and yes we can pick it up, but I don't tweet, I wish HPN hadn't started that as it has altered and more people tweet than have a discussion

Profit, profit, profit, spend as little as possible and to hell with the disruption and chaos! 

Will Thames Water be charged for damaging and making good our new road?

Think you know the answer to that Ian :(

The works are due to an unexpected sewer collapse. Frustratingly there is nothing as yet on the Thames Water site, but from other sources the estimated completion date is 11/12 December.

I’d love to know what’s happening to emissions in the area with all those engines idling.

This is beyond a joke. I have lived in Hampton for 27years and my life has been dominated by the A308 and Thames Water. It is time that the London Mayor and our local authorities sat down with Thames Water and discussed a long term strategy to sort out the mess. Its barely two weeks since the resurfacing that caused us to travel extra miles just to get home at night whist out visiting family or indeed working late. I now have to take an Antihystermine every day to combat the pollution causing my eyes and nose to stream due to the traffic sitting idling there engines. What it this doing to our children in the long term?  These water pipes need major replacement strategies and the repairs must be worked on 24 hours to speed up the inconvenience. Arc lights and shift work should be available, all to often the workers have gone by 3pm or 4 pm.

Whilst writing.  I hope this spells doom to Kempton race course development. We know houses are needed but more traffic on the A308 will only cause more sewer collapses due to heavy traffic and there is need for a weight restriction coming off the junction at Sunbury.

Somebody must reassure us that Thames Water R&D are seriously trying to get this latest mess repaired sooner than the middle of December. Our bus drivers deserve medals and compensation. They are heroes Xmas traffic is bad enough and now a nightmare.

Happy Christmas but baa humbug to Thames Water

Now that's a sensible suggestion, Steph – to lobby Sadiq Khan to get on to Thames Water. Can we organise such a lobby via HPN?


Well said Steph and I agree with Ian

Thames Water have gonee today - I hope they are finished or is this just a brief respite?

Watch this space...could it be because Station Road is closed this evening for our Christmas parade.

There were no workers on site yesterday when I went through at 2pm or my return at 4.30pm save a small vehicle with man inside beside the traffic signals but a large hole was still in evidence.

I checked the travel news but no mention of A308, there rarely is which must be very frustrating for anyone coming off the M3/A316

I am beginning to feel as though I am living on an island, Thames surrounding me with road works and lights, they are now doing the traffic bridge over the railway.  All they need do now is put lights up at the junction with Station Road and Percy Road and mission accomplished!!!

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