Hampton Social - Tuesday June 17 20.00 in the Railway Bell ("the Dip")

Hi Folks,

You may well have seen in the Activity or the Events section that we are having a social on Tuesday June 17th. We also thought we do a bit more to publicise the site and attract new members, so we have a poster which hopefully you will soon start seeing in and around Hampton and Hampton Hill. Feel free to download the poster and display if you want to help publicising our community. Also of course do feel very free to join us on Tuesday 17th - Seamus, the new landlord of the Railway Bell, has agreed to reserve a section of the pub for us, so we should be able to cater for a good turnout :-)


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Hi Folks, Just wanted to remind people that the meet-up is tonight from eight o'clock in the Railway Bell just near the station. It's a chance NOT to talk about the World Cup (or to talk about it if you really want to). Everyone is welcome and I am certainly looking forward to putting faces to names and getting to know some new people :-)

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