Reading the new Hampton Comments, I note that Vince Cable has 'demanded improvements for Hampton Rail services'. Frankly, the service has gone from bad to worse - pulled when a snowflake threatens, flooded when it rains (yesterday again), morning services into Waterloo always arrive 15 minutes late and our trains invariably wait at signals when services from other, even slow routes, trundle by. SW trains need to be taken to task for this institutional incompetence. Sure they'll blame Network Rail, act of God or the moon in Sagittarius, but this has gone on too long. The problems are predictable and stem from no long-term strategy or planning.Get measurable Improvments or pull the franchise. Gareth, any comments?

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It has got a lot worse again recently. On one memorable day the 7.09 was cancelled, the 7.20 was 10 minutes late and only 4 carriages long and then we were all turfed off at Hampton Wick. One of the train drivers claimed it was shortage of rolling stock but I never got the definitive reason. Are the rumours about a fast service true and if so ... How fast is 'fast'?!

Hello Alan

It's nice to know the leaflets get read! You're right to raise this, however, as the rail services for Hampton can be pretty lousy. We've had discussions on this forum in the past and it's been widely agreed that although the trains can take forever the peak commuter provision isn't too bad for a branch line - given that some trains go via Twickenham in addition to the usual route.

But unfortunately other problems do tend to outweigh the good - trains are too frequently cancelled and the ongoing problems with flooding at the tunnel are ludicrous. And as for the one train an hour on a Sunday, don't get me started! We went up to London a weekend or so back to look at the Paddington Bear Trail and it wasn't until the journey back to Waterloo that I started having the sinking feeling that there would be just the one train and would we make it in time.

So as reported Vince has been in discussions with the MD of South West Trains and Suzette & I have been involved with feeding suggestions into various consultations as to how the service can be improved for Hampton residents (both commuters and leisure travellers) - and we will all keep up the pressure

Fullwell (it's name says it all) has always flooded, use to bug me when I commuted, can't they drain it off?  As for Sundays - given up using trains, when I have been caught out by missing the Shepperton train at Waterloo I have often opted to go Hampton Court and then catching a bus.  Not good but quicker, if they can run more trains via Richmond in the rush hour, why can't we have more trains during the day?  Working appointments at Kingston hospital is a nightmare with half hour services, ok that's my beef over

We have a bus service to kingston ever 8 minutes! Why do we need more trains. The gates would never go up! Let us just close Percy Road permanently!

Some people have to get into London and when I go to Kingston Hospital I go by train to Norbiton, otherwise it is two buses.  Yes today I went into Kingston by bus, as I always do!!!!

I look forward to hearing more . Though frankly the slow service and the half hourly timetable isn't the main problem ..I signed up for that when I moved here. The issue is the constant delays and cancellations..

Last evening I travelled to Waterloo from Hampton. The train arrived nine minutes late,then we were told it was only going as far as Kingston. I jumped off at Hampton Wick to avoid going down the stairs and walking up the ramp. I didn't have long to wait for the next train. But that was over crowded. We have had the same service, to my knowledge, for over seventy years.

Ah - this is SW trains new wheeze - they also turf us off the via Richmond service at Fulwell in the evening and run the train fast to Shepperton. Apparently this means the service (with irony) is not logged as late so not affecting their scoring from the Rail Regulator. This is always particularly welcome and entertaining on a cold wet evening after a long day at work. There is no doubt that the Shepperton line is SWTs 'runt of the litter' - they certainly don't merit any fare increase this year. I suggest that frustrated Hampton commuters bombard SWTs customer comments area on their website, perhaps one day they may take heed.

The service is now so bad that it has become the exception as apposed the norm when we get 8 carriages that run from Hampton to Waterloo in the morning, it either terminates at Kingston or gives us 4 carriages for probably the busiest train in the morning 07:50. Its twice this week and its only Wednesday and its been just as bad over the last few weeks, I couldn't have said it better myself when Alan said we are the Runt of the litter.

I had a nice Christmas card through the door yesterday from our MP Mr Cable but the best present he could give is to sort this mess out, he may even get my vote if he manages it!! I'm also going to email SWT and Vince Cable, if a few more people could also do the same that would be great.

Happy Christmas everyone - see you on Platform 1 at Teddington 08:00 tomorrow morning

I'm actually considering moving away from Hampton because I cannot take the commute any more.  I recently started catching the 6.20 because until it get's to Wimbledon it's reasonably easy to get a seat. But in the last 6 weeks it consistently get's held a New Malden for 10-15 minutes while other trains pass.  Like the other people posting here I frequently have to change at Hampton Wick because the train runs fast to Waterloo without warning and then like this morning the 0809 has only 4 cars.

I had recently considered posting a petition on the Number 10 website in the vain hope of getting enough signatures to urge the department of transport to step in and review the South West Trains franchise as a whole but due to the upcoming election the site will be shut down in March.

I've been keeping a tally and at one time of the day or another I've experienced delays, cancellations, and short formations everyday I've travelled for the last 4 months.  Further more since I have an annual oyster card (which is due to go up in price again!!) I like a lot of people don't qualify for a refund from either South West Trains or TFL.  It's all well and good Vince Cable talking to South West trains MD but neither of them clearly have any idea just how bad the service actually is and are not acting quickly enough to get something done.  If Vince Cable was really interested he'd catch the 7.50 from Hampton a few times and see what's it's like.  His daily commute from Twickenham is no where near as bad.

I love living in Hampton and but the train service is appalling and quite frankly not fit for purpose.  For those people who are affected by the constant up and down of the barriers for extended periods I am not suggesting more trains.  I am however suggesting that South West Trains be forced to do their job and run the trains on time.  

I was pleasantly surprised to get a reply from Vince Cable yesterday asking to be kept informed if I get an unsatisfactory reply from SWT, I'm yet to hear anything from SWT apart from the automated replay and case number but I guess they may have a bit of a backlog to get through!

I haven't used the Hampton line regularly for about 5 years as I have been travelling via Twickenham or Richmond.  However a job change brings be back to using the 7:10 or 7:20 to Waterloo every day and the 17:43 home.  I have to say the busyness of the trains has increased drastically.  I know we were always the poor cousin or little branch line, but judging by the numbers travelling now, we require a much better service to meet demand.  As for reliability, don't get me started, it is atrocious.  I was never as poor as this before!

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