Reading the new Hampton Comments, I note that Vince Cable has 'demanded improvements for Hampton Rail services'. Frankly, the service has gone from bad to worse - pulled when a snowflake threatens, flooded when it rains (yesterday again), morning services into Waterloo always arrive 15 minutes late and our trains invariably wait at signals when services from other, even slow routes, trundle by. SW trains need to be taken to task for this institutional incompetence. Sure they'll blame Network Rail, act of God or the moon in Sagittarius, but this has gone on too long. The problems are predictable and stem from no long-term strategy or planning.Get measurable Improvments or pull the franchise. Gareth, any comments?

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Another morning of chaos on the Shepperton Line - problems elsewhere impacting most on our services - that means trains running fast to Waterloo from Kingston and trains running fast to Shepperton missing out Hampton altogether - all at peak time! We really must be second class citizens - I hope this is reflected in substantial cuts to our ticket prices in January.

Has anyone managed to find out why?  Trains can't just run all over the place for no reason.  I put live train times onto my pc yesterday so that I would know I would get to my hospital appointment (Norbiton Station) on time.  9.20 was running 27 mins late and they cancelled the train afterwards (well I suppose too near the first one), after that it did seem to settle down and they ran on time.  We only ever had trouble when it rained at Fulwell when I commuted daily, what everyone is saying now is quite unacceptable.  Seems they cannot cope until about 10 o'clock.  Link below takes you to the site



Vince Cable has vowed to look in to this for me as I'm yet to here anything back from SWT - lets hope something can be done

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