Be aware, there is a hidden camera above the traffic light junction of Lower Sunbury Road and Upper Sunbury Road in Hampton.  I use this junction coming from Sunbury Village to turn right towards Hampton for school drop off at busy times in the morning.  I received a £65 penalty charge notice for  being just on the yellow box junction lines.  

I am certain that this will be a big money maker for the council and to be honest I really cannot see the need for the box junction nor the camera.  Anyway, hopefully I can highlight this and prevent anyone else from being caught out.

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Many thanks, Chris. It seems understandable to me that there should be a yellow box there, since the Upper Sunbury Road is all too often very jammed up and people who have been waiting ages to progress towards Hampton Court are not always that keen to let people in when the lights change.  

It's £130 fine in Chelsea for that offence......unless you pay quickly!

The PCN I received is for £65 if paid quickly or £130 if paid after 7 days.  

Fat Bob said:

It's £130 fine in Chelsea for that offence......unless you pay quickly!

I turn right there to go to Platts Eyot island quite often. I always turn left when coming back and it's often blocked on that junction with people in the yellow box area stopping people from turning right.

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