HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN! Hampton Illegally Moored Vessels - Profiting as a Business!!

While we all work hard to lawfully own our properties, others just grab any land at will, illegally moored and profiting from their unlawful action.

They are laughing in the face of The Environment Agency & Elmbridge Borough Council.

Enough is enough, residents plan to take action at the High Court with claims for compensation and criminal investigations. 

The Environment Agency & Elmbridge Borough Council have failed to act effectively for the past 15 years!!!!

You won't believe it, take a look at the website below.

Here is the website:

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I love the fact he has saved the slum boats "for the Nation"  Priceless!

Good god the man is running an hotel business.

I'm told a possession order is imminent. 

Looks like Mr.Trotman will be trotting off very soon.

Another of his websites below (not so off-grid as he hoped):

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