The Thames Water roadworks are causing a nightmare in the Station Road/High St area (and other areas too) but they are also showing up the huge volume of buses that are coming through Hampton.

Just observing the buses heading to Kingston this evening and in Station Road at 5pm there were 2 x 111 buses and a 216 queuing to turn into the High St. At 5.30 there were a different 3 x 111s in convoy. At 6pm 2 x 216's and another 2 x 111s and around 6.45, 4 x 111's in convoy. On other days we've seen 5 and 6 buses queening up. All of these chucking out fumes, adding to the pollution and contributing to the horrendous congestion. And it has to be said, most of them fairly empty.

Nearly all of the buses go right through to Kingston, a few get turned around at Hampton Court roundabout but this just means that having contributed to the gridlock on the way through, they then turnaround and sit in the same traffic on the way back. It's madness.

I'm not against the service in any way, my son uses it frequently and I'm glad we have good transport links, but the volume of buses seems completely over the top for the area, the roads and the number of people wanting to travel. Please can we have a consultation about what Hampton really needs as a bus service.

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Not surprising the buses bunch when there are roadworks as extensive as the TW ones. Don't think you can make a valid judgment of the volume of buses in such circumstances as they distort the flow. The 111 is normally timetabled every 10-12 mins and the 216 at 20 mins. Unsurprisingly, the 216 is the better time-keeper as there a fewer of them, whereas the turnaround of 111s is faster and there is more room for delays (which is why they are often turned round at Hampton Court). I think the bigger issue is why we can't have a direct bus route to Teddington where access to the hospital would be very useful. There was a plan to divert the R70 there, but it meant removing it from the part of the route from Hampton Hill to Fulwell where it is the only frequent service. Perhaps this would be an opportunity to reopen that debate.

Depending on where in Hampton you live there is the R68 which takes you directly to Teddington Hospital.  The buses a very often full as they go through Station Road, so I don't think we have too many it's just the road works causing the congestion.

A friend of mine who lives in Teddington couldn't get out onto Sandy Lane because of the traffic, people trying to avoid the congestion here

I agree completely with you, there are far too many 111’s, at all times of the day and night, and apart from the obvious rush hour and peak times, the majority are almost always running with less than a handful of passengers and these are often spread over convoys. 

With or without road works there are, almost without exception, daily 111 convoys,  which suggests the road works can’t be totally responsible for this phenomenon, and if they were the cause, wouldn’t there be, at least, some space between them?

There should be a properly formed  transport service that is geared to need and not to service providers operating to the conditions imposed upon them by TFL’s (QIC) contract. TFL are mind bogglingly inept.

Don't forget TW are not the only roadworks between Kingston and Heathrow the utility companies have ongoing work.  The R68 can be picked up in Church Street or opposite the pool and goes to Teddington hospital. The R70 can be picked up at little Sainsburys and goes through Fulwell. We are lucky to have such good transport connections. Pity the poor bus drivers being constantly diverted

I think this is just a function of the congestion. Notwithstanding your experience Sandie, I gave up waiting for an R68 this afternoon. Don't forget that the 111 is a 25km route that runs at a 9-12 minute frequency on Saturdays. With the carnage on the A308 at the moment, it's no wonder the buses are stacking up. Blame Thames Water.

To the more general point of 'how many buses does Hampton need?':- Buses are a valuable service. The 111 is scheduled every 6-12 minutes* during weekdays to serve those people who need it. (Like me and my family.) If those buses stack up over the course of a 25km route that takes 60-90 minutes to traverse (on a good day) then that's a separate problem to how frequently they're scheduled. As to how 'full' or 'empty' a bus is, that's a secondary question to whether that bus was there for the people who are on it.

To repeat Steph above: we are lucky to have these connections.

*conflating the peaks and during the day

I have to agree with both Steph B and Matt D

I've never seen anywhere has the decent regular bus connections that Hampton does.  I don't think we should give TFL any excuse to cut an otherwise very good service.

Perhaps all those bus users should drive through Hampton instead? ;-)

Sarcasm aside, we are very lucky to have good bus services through Hampton, and my voice will be to maintain the current level of service. My view is that congestion is down to too many cars (both moving and badly parked), not too many buses.

Three days in a row of severe delays in South West Trains have culminated in an all out closure of the Shepperton Branch today

Any reduction of bus service (of which I am completely against) needs to take into account South West Trains complete inability to run the Shepperton Branch effectively

I wonder where the flooding is.  Normally at Fulwell, I went and looked on Hampton departures live and the trains are terminating and starting from Fulwell.  Hampton and further on - no trains.  I feel as though I live in the wilds sometimes and not in Greater London (well just)

Oh it's a new one, this morning the flooding is at Shepperton

Maybe flooding at Shepperton is being used an excuse so that after the 2 week closure at the end of July to fix Fullwell, South West Trains still have an excuse to arbitrarily shut down the whole branch when it suits them

SWT says it's due to flooding in the Fulwell area (presumably the tunnel west of the station) as per usual. Details in link below. Hopefully this will be remedied by the summer work.

Have just relooked on the page and some trains are now running it's a live link so just refresh now and again

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