Some people may have noticed that we are creeping up to the one thousand member mark. In fact, particularly observant members of the community may have noticed that we often creep towards the one thousand member mark, but never seem to achieve it. There is a reason for this :-) The cost of the Ning subscription more than doubles once we have more than one thousand members and while it would certainly be worth paying the extra money in order to welcome even more people into our community, in reality we probably only have six or seven hundred members who are still interested and involved in the site, so rather than paying the extra money we do regular administrative tidy-ups to get rid of duplicate memberships or people who no longer seem interested (e.g because they have moved). Obviously we would never deliberate close the account of anyone who still wanted to be a member (and who was not a spammer or someone who repeatedly made offensive posts). So don't be surprised if the membership never quite makes it to 1,000 - now you know why. And perhaps one day when we do have 999 interested and active members, we will take the plunge and move up to the next level of Ning subscriptions :-)

Some related housekeeping points:

1) if you sign in when you visit the site, we can see when you last visited, so that is helpful to us in knowing that you are still involved. However, if you don't want to sign in when you visit, that's OK (and just means you are slightly below the radar!)

2) if you forget your password or for whatever other reason create a duplicate account, that is fine but it would be helpful if you could message me to tell me to delete the old account because otherwise I can detect duplicates but cannot be sure which one to delete.

3) it is highly unlikely that this will happen, but should your account get accidentally deleted please accept my/our apologies and feel free to create a new one. I do try to be pretty careful about this, but human life is rarely 100% error-free :-)

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