I have heard from a friend in Hampton that an information day will be held on Saturday 23 April to learn more about the housing development at Kempton Park.  Apparently leaflets have been delivered to some residents in Hampton to highlight this.  I haven't received any information regarding this which I am a little disappointed about since it does affect the whole of Hampton.  If this development goes ahead, it will mean more traffic chaos and obviously more train commuters.  Has anyone else heard anything?

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Just looked online and apparently it is being held at the desert orchid suite between 10 and 2 PM.

Yes there is a meeting with Redrow at the Desert Orchid suite on Sat 23rd April from 10am to 2pm please pass the word.

Information will be online at www.RedrowKempton.co.UK on Friday evening.

Unfortunately I'm unable to attend this owing to a prior engagement, however I would encourage as many of you as possible to attend.

In my view the key consideration is going to be transport links. The A308 is already at capacity in peak times and all it takes is prolonged roadworks to make life pretty unpleasant.

There may be some respite on the railway when Crossrail2 comes on stream but that won't be for many, many years yet.

Steph B said:

Yes there is a meeting with Redrow at the Desert Orchid suite on Sat 23rd April from 10am to 2pm please pass the word.

Information will be online at www.RedrowKempton.co.UK on Friday evening.

I agree it is transport and infrastructure that are top of the list. Would Tfl consider upgrading Kempton Park station and pushing Zone 6 out the them.  Also it will somehow need access to the A316/M3 before any work starts. Building deliveries to the site via theA308 will cause huge disruption. All that before even considering planning and green belt consideration.  Lord help us!

I would echo others' concerns about the impact on traffic as being the major issue with this development. I just can't see how a development of this scale won't have a permanent detrimental effect on the road network, unless the developers put in a new road link to connect to the A316 via Park Road, or undertake significant traffic alleviation works of some other sort.

The construction traffic would be a pain, i'm sure, but I don't believe it's a consideration that can be taken into account by the council's planning department - which I assume is Spelthorne in this instance?

As for the rail network, i'm more relaxed on this point. Longer trains in the short term, and Crossrail 2 in the long term, should help alleviate any rush-hour pressure on the train services, and moving the Zone 6 boundary out to include Kempton Park would seem a sensible move (it would probably push the value of the housing development up too, so something i'm sure Redrow would support).

p.s. I received a leaflet through my door, and i'm on Linden Road.

I live at the 'other end' of Hampton off Oak Avenue and have not received any information at all. It is very worrying especially as there is already a large development in Sunbury off The Avenue which will add to the congestion.

Well I haven't heard anything from Avenue Road, two neighbours know I found out from here, but it is in a different borough so not sure we could do anything anyway

Maybe anyone from HPN who attends could post an overview of the meeting?  I would like to go but will almost certainly be working.  I would like to hear about the points raised.

Imagine it will be not so much a meeting but rather plans and drawings put up with reps for the development on hand to ask questions etc. I'm planning on going ..so if you have any questions you'd like me to get clarity on..send a list and I'll report back!!

That would be great to have someone to report back, not sure I can make it

The Leader of Spelthorne BC has posted an open letter to Redrow (see link below) which clearly indicates the Council is unlikely to consent to any development on the site. Obviously, any refusal could be overturned on appeal but being green belt land, contrary to the local plan and with huge opposition from local residents, you would hope the Planning Inspectorate would uphold the Council's position


Glad to hear of the opposition coming from 'above' as it were.

One wonders, the Jockey Club obviously want to sell the land, however I wonder if it could lead to their downfall? 

How often do we hear of folk moving in next to a stadium or race track and then complaining of the noise / traffic? This then results in a reduction in activities allowed at the said venue? 

Wonder if this has been considered by the Jockey Club?

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