I have heard from a friend in Hampton that an information day will be held on Saturday 23 April to learn more about the housing development at Kempton Park.  Apparently leaflets have been delivered to some residents in Hampton to highlight this.  I haven't received any information regarding this which I am a little disappointed about since it does affect the whole of Hampton.  If this development goes ahead, it will mean more traffic chaos and obviously more train commuters.  Has anyone else heard anything?

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Well I was all set to go to the info day. Only its blooming gridlock and can't get anywhere. Am afraid I might not get to kempton until a week tomorrow at this rate.

A recent article in the national press highlights that building on green belt has soared by 25%.  This is despite David Cameron saying that "Green Belt land is extremely precious" in the run up to the last General Election and that looking at brownfields should be considered as an alternative.

I did attend Kempton Park Information Day on Saturday although I personally felt that it wasn't particularly informative. The display boards and leaflets produced by Redrow portrayed photos of what "Kempton Park could have" rather than "must have" and these photos included health and school facilities, social housing, shops, allotments etc.  Two Redrow representatives contradicted each other as one said the land had been sold whilst the other person mentioned that it hadn't and as such there were no plans to look at.

Redrow were keen to stress that Spelthorne required so much in the way of housing per year but since the proposed development is located on the edge of the borough, besides having an impact on the local residents of Sunbury, it will also have a significant impact on residents in Hounslow/Richmond boroughs, especially Hampton.  Although the aim of the information day was to gather feedback from those who may be affected by this development with a view to Redrow addressing these, it remains to be seen whether or not Spelthorne Council is willing to give up this piece of Green Belt.

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