LBRUT & Thames Water - Traffic Chaos - Road Rage - Pollution - Children Late For School

5 Months of disruption, very poor planning by LBRUT & Thames Water.

Shockingly there were traffic restrictions in place but nobody from Thames Water was working at the site on Hampton Court Road during the weekend. Plus nobody working today at 7:45am????

Questions for LBRUT & Thames Water:

1. How long does it currently take for a bus (such as the 111) or car to travel from North Hampton to Kingston?

2. How long does it currently take a bus (such as the 111) or car to travel from Kingston to North Hampton?

3. What are the levels of pollution at the corner of the Thames St (A308) and High St (A3008)? A mobile monitor should have been deployed to this area. I'm especially concerned about pollution during the warmer weather.

4. What are the current working hours the team performing the maintenance work and how many resources are working on it?

Finally, we know that there are many people being severely delayed due to this ongoing situation. There are children and students trying to get to school & college; men and women trying to get to work and elderly people who rely heavily on public transport to make their hospital/surgery appointments.

It's now time for our local authority to be accountable for such a severe impact on peoples lives during the past three months. It's no longer acceptable to refer the public to the specific organisation carrying out the work such at Thames Water or BT etc.

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