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As recently mentioned, with the support of the Hampton Social Club the site's running costs are now secure until August 2020. Thanks again to Steve Morley and everyone at the club for their support. It's invaluable and I think it's great that we can provide something valuable back to our community. 

With the immediate future of the site secure, I'd like to use this time to hand over the running of HPN to a willing volunteer (or volunteers) with an interest in maintaining and developing the site.  

The reasons for me wanting to step back from running HPN are primarily personal. I'm increasingly finding 'being online' as something that has become less appealing over time. I recently deleted my personal Facebook account, and Twitter - both in my personal and HPN feeds - is a steady stream of negativity that I'm trying to look at less.This is a pity, because here at HPN I think we have a positive and supportive community, but I'm just generally less keen to log on and engage online anymore. 

I also find I have less time outside of regular life to do the job properly. I've taken a particular view on how HPN should be run - with my involvement mostly behind-the-scenes. I've hoped that by creating a safe and civil place for people to discuss local issues that that would attract members. It has to a degree, and there is life in our community, but as I've mentioned before, the limitations of the Ning platform and the availability of slicker alternatives have probably depressed engagement with the site. A different administrator with a fresh approach might be what's needed to spur things along.

If you would be interested in taking on responsibility for the site and Twitter account, please send me a message. There is a small financial commitment (around £220 p.a.), supported by a contribution from the Hampton Social Club. I'd look to do a transition period to show you the ropes before handing over. I'm happy to answer questions in the comments or via message.

Best regards to all.



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Sorry Matt to see you have decided to go. The site has, in my opinion, lost a lot since twitter has become involved.  I have a twitter account but don't use it and as you know very well I do use HPN.  Good luck, I can't help by taking it over as I am no knowledgeable enough. Jan

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good summer. A back-to-school reminder that I am looking to handover operation of the HPN site, preferably before the end of 2019. Further details in the original post. Do drop me a line if you are interested. Thanks Matt

Hello all.

This will be a final call for expressions of interest for anyone who would like to take over the running of HPN. Please get in touch before the end of the month (Feb 29), after which I will otherwise need to start making arrangements for winding down the site. I will keep the site operational until the current Ning subscription renewal date in August.

As mentioned, there is a small financial commitment (£220 p.a.) for running the site, which is supported by the Hampton Social Club running a charity quiz fundraiser in April. Please feel free to get in touch for further details.



Many thanks Matt for all your hard work looking after the site. I started it in March 2009 so between us it will have been running for over 10 years with several thousand members at different times and thousands of posts. Be great if someone wants to take it forward, but even if not, I think it has contributed something!

It would be a shame to see it go, thank you Paul and Matt.  I am a bit long in the tooth to learn something new, but hope someone a tad younger will keep it going.

Anyone going to pick this up? It would be a shame to lose it

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