I note that from Monday 2/12/2019 the Council will be charging for the disposal of DIY waste at their "Reuse and Recycling Centre"


At a minimum charge of £41, I think this is outrageous.

I occasionally have a few bits of wood, concrete, earth etc. that I wish to dispose of, and I am certainly not paying £41 for the privelege.

A far fairer scheme would be to allow any waste arriving by car to be disposed of free, and anything arriving in a van to be charged at commercial rates.

It will be interesting to see if the level of fly tipping increases in the borough.

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It's bound to increase, we get it down our rear alley already.  I think that's outrageous charging let alone as much as £41

The implementation has been delayed until the new year. I can well believe that the Council got a lot of complaints over this.


We are told by the Media that 'Fly-Tipping has reached epidemic proportions. I have written to Michael Gove, Theresa Villiers, and Sediq Khan. Suggesting a way to curtail Fly-Tipping, that would be to impound the offending vehicles. I received one reply but none were interested. I believe that all private cars carrying domestic waste should be exempt from Council charging for using the Councils Tips. What do you think? I also believe Councils should be encouraging not discouraging us to use Re-Cycling tips.

Totally agree

I'm the person who started the DIT waste petition on the Council website against their exorbitant charges.  Don't be fooled, they have only "deferred" these charges, they will still implement after their so-called review in the new year.  The £41 is their proposed minimum charge, it could be as much as £200.  Please sign the petition to get them stopped:


Well done Cathy, Councils spend millions clearing up after 'Fly-Tipping' It would appear they are happy to do this by discouraging residents to use Council re-cycling tips. I hope every DIY person signs the 'Petition'                                                                                                                                                                         

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