Hampton People's Network has been going now for seven years and has nearly 1000 members, many of whom visit the site on a very regular basis. So from my point of view it has been a great success. When big local issues arise (such as the traffic problems arising from all the recent road works), it is a great forum for people to share their views and feelings. And there have also been made great examples of people helping each other out in one way or another. So I think we can be proud of what we have achieved.  
Running the site is fairly easy and does not demand much time, but after seven years I think some new blood is needed and I would like to step back from being the main organiser. I am happy to work with whoever takes over and continue to make some contribution but I am too busy with other commitments to play a central role. What would be best is if three or four people formed a team and jointly took things forward. I think that would create more energy and make it more rewarding for everyone.  
The only costs associated with the site are our annual subscription to the Ning platform which costs around £200 per year and thanks to Hampton Social Club's recent charity quiz night we have £226 available to cover that cost for the coming year (Aug 2016 to July 2017). However, unless one or more people come forward to take over running the site, we will need to consider whether it is worth paying the next annual subscription and keeping the site going.  
Closing the site is, of course, the last thing I would want to happen, so I hope that some community-minded members will volunteer to be part of the new team that takes things forward. It is a different and interesting role, so should be rewarding for the right people. We have something well-established that the local community seem to find valuable, so I hope we can find a way of building on what we have. New people mean new ideas, so it could be really exciting both for those running things and for everyone else!

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Given how useful I find this site...it would be wrong not to volunteer to help if you need bods..

Thanks Paul. I'd be willing to help.

I'd like to propose and discuss some light moderation of the site, along the lines of other community websites (e.g. Metafilter). This would include a clear set of posting guidelines, and moderation to include things like: removing/consolidating duplicate posts (e.g. we had 3 separate posts on the Sainsbury stabbings), removing offensive/abusive posts, and keeping posts on-topic (i.e. encouraging people to start a new thread on a subject different from or tangential to the topic being discussed).

Thanks, Jen and Matt. Hopefully there will be a few other volunteers and then we can meet and decide the best way of taking things forward.

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