More Thames Water roadworks on Hampton Court Road, this time for 6 weeks. No, you didn't misread: 6 weeks of traffic disruption, delays, more fumes and so on.

Is there nothing we can do to get Thames Water to see sense and make a proper long-term investment strategy for the mains under HCR? Or at the very least to offer a refund on water rates to its customers most affected by its work on HCR.

Oh, I forgot: shareholders first, customers and residents a long way second!

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For peak times yesterday and with the return of the rest of the schools today, Station Road was backed up to the Village Green and with engines running, it is not fun when Thames Water feel the urge to carry out another bout of roadworks.  I do so hope that Thames Water are sympathetic to the chaos that is caused to the many local residents who endure this repeatedly.

Is it anticipated that these works will honestly take 6 weeks to complete?  It has only been a few days so far and already I am frustrated when trying to get to and from home.


Ginny, Thames Water's behaviour and investment policy shows they are totally unsympathetic to local residents. Sorry to say...

Are any of our Councillors reading this thread? Any suggestions as to how we get compensation from TW?


It's been proper carnage for last two days...not fun

You know me, Ian. Never far from a keyboard so of course am fully aware of the upheaval - expressed both on these boards and in my in-box.

I'm in contact with the relevant authorities, see if something can be done but I'm advised that these are vital works.  Still worth investigating if the pressure can be alleviated somewhat.

As for compensation - well it's difficult to say. Certainly it would be difficult to quantify who would be eligible. The whole of Hampton? Areas beyond Hampton? People living directly on the road affected? Shop Keepers and small businesses only? That's if compensation exists at all. 

What might - and I stress the adverb - be possible would be approaching TW for some donation toward a community event (for example Screen on the Green). It would at least be some small recompense for six weeks of upheaval coming hot on the heels of the previous road works.

Ian Lancaster said:

Ginny, Thames Water's behaviour and investment policy shows they are totally unsympathetic to local residents. Sorry to say...

Are any of our Councillors reading this thread? Any suggestions as to how we get compensation from TW?


I do think that some compensation as to the Screen on the Green would be a kind gesture from Thames Water but it still doesn't alleviate the chaos that has been caused over the last couple of days. I do hope that they are working longer hours and the weekends to complete these "necessary" works and putting as much manpower as possible on site to resolve this.  Too many times we have seen traffic controls in place around Hampton with not a single workmen to be seen.  

Add to the mix this morning, was a traffic accident on Park Road Hampton Hill and the borough was backed up even further. 

Just on an hour back from Kingston, forgot about the road works,  saw the workmen, nice spring day, 2 blokes leaning on their barriers, 3 sitting down by the river, doesn't impress one little bit.

Could be a long six weeks!

They could work a little later surely, not necessarily overnight as it was recently, not sure how many residential properties near the newest road works.  10 pm last night no traffic (sailed through) and no workmen.  It's a shame it's the only road that leads to HC roundabout.

6 Weeks ; wow !! this is unbelievable, I went past there at just after 6 on Monday, after queuing for 30 minutes not a worker in sight - this is such a major link I would have thought it would be a bit more of a priority to resolve on an already very busy commuter route : it should be treated as massively more important to resolve given the local disruption.

My commute has increased by 30 minutes each way, (and that's going through or around the roadworks) each day, 6 weeks, that's 30 hours of inconvenience, stress, additional miles and fuel costs - this needs to get sorted out - but how ??

Where did your 6 weeks figure come from Ian? The TFL roadworks website only (!) reckons the works will be going on until the 22nd, i.e. a week tomorrow.

Tim, then let's hope the TFL site is correct! The solar-powered illuminated signs on the approaches to HC Court all say 6 weeks - to May 22nd if I remember correctly.

Sadly, the R&T reckons that they are planning to work at the present site until the end of next week, then up by Terrace Gardens for another 2 weeks and finally by St Albans Lodge for 2 more. Sigh.

I went by yesterday at 2.15 one working two drinking tea(I presume). Came back at 4.15 all work ceased not a worker in sight. 3/4 hour to get from HC r.bout. The working day is minimum 9-5 or better still 8-6.  Why are TW not working shifts. We have still many unemployed. Some of the manual work could be carried out by apprentices leaving the plumbing and pipe work to the experts. I think TW should give us locals petrol vouchers and a donation towards our water rates.  Some hope!!!! When will TW finish digging up this road, I've lived in Hampon 25 years and has been ongoing ever since.?????

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