More Thames Water roadworks on Hampton Court Road, this time for 6 weeks. No, you didn't misread: 6 weeks of traffic disruption, delays, more fumes and so on.

Is there nothing we can do to get Thames Water to see sense and make a proper long-term investment strategy for the mains under HCR? Or at the very least to offer a refund on water rates to its customers most affected by its work on HCR.

Oh, I forgot: shareholders first, customers and residents a long way second!

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I too looked at the RUT site and it mentions that from Hampton Court Road Church Street to Hampton Riviera there will be council maintenance works from 30 June 16 - 6 Oct 16.  Gareth, do we know what this entails?  Does it mean that we will experience traffic delays during that time too?  

I'm afraid I don't have the details of the council's plans. Will look into it

I emailed the network guys at the council and raised the concern about Ormond Avenue. That the signs have come down suggests that they listened

Crossing our fingers Gareth - since the Thames Water roadworks started Ormond Avenue, Ormond Drive and Station Road have become a continuous rat run during peak hours with some very angry people driving at high speed down narrow roads.  I feel their pain, but observing some of this driving I hope that there won't be an accident as a result.   

This has to stop!!!! Traffic this morning is the worst its ever been. Ive moved 100m along the A308 past the waterworks in 32mins. At this rate I might get the kids to school at 10am! Its criminal that this level of disruption can be caused to so many people for such a long period.

Tuesday mornings, for some unknown reason, I find is usually the busy day of the week traffic wise and of course it doesn't help with the roadworks being in place.  This morning it was bad through Hampton Hill and Twickenham as well as on the A316; I'm not sure how the chaos can be alleviated until these works are completed and then you can bet your bottom dollar some more works will appear elsewhere.  There are now carriageworks scheduled between 6 May 16 and 16 May 16 on Plevna Road which is particularly busy with these current A308 roadworks in place so I'm not sure what chaos this will add to the mix too.

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