Interestingly I over-heard that the Hampton Square celebrations might not be supported by the public because "it was all for me and not for the Shooting Star."

After the comments I received about starting Hampton Market, from our anonymous troll, I wondered if this is how everyone feels? Currently the Hampton Square tree and associated celebrations are costing an estimated £800.00, for which my company has paid. We are getting some help from the council to refund us a bit, and some sponsorship from Sainsbury. The rest of the money for the licence, the stewards, the planning and "on-cost" of actual provisions will be met by Bash and by sales of mulled wine. If there is any money left, it will be used to create a bigger event next year.. assuming you would like me to organise it.

How devastating to hear that people will not join in because they think I am profiteering. 

Please tell me how I can reach out to engage the community, develop the area and be of benefit to people? I need funds to advertise the events, which need fund raising at the events. It would be nice if a community association could do this, but our current one does not have the time or inclination to reach beyond.

If support is not offered to the market...which supports the traders and small businesses, or to the Christmas event or to the grotto ( which is raising funds for students to do conservation work in Borneo).. we will cease our efforts in Hampton North. 

Incidentally my company has provided events for Shooting Star many times over the years. No-one mentioned that, because I didn't feel the need to mention my own charity giving. They pay their staff. They pay executives. Your charity funds pay them to do wonderful work. I admire and support their cause. I ask less. I ask to cover the cost of a Christmas tree and bit of music. Do come and have a glass of mulled wine.

I'm a little despondent this afternoon.

If you would like to get involved with supporting the events in the Square for the community, please email We'll send a monthly list of what the community are doing together. You might like to help out so we don't have to pay people to do it... (!)

We are a community. Be part of it. If you are not interested, then please, don't discourage people who are.... You'll find me spending my weekend delivering leaflets... only 1000 houses as I can't afford the printing for more leaflets....


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Hi Sarah,


Carry on with your projects and ignor the negative comments. Thank you for all your hard work for Hampton. Bryan.

I totally agree . Ignore the trolls .
The market is great and I'm sure we wouldn't have the uplift without your campaigning !
Hampton North is a great place to be and a lot of that is down to you

I'm the chair of Stanley PTA and if you fancy a stall at our bazaar on the 8 th dec to promote the market etc etc or be just to hand out leaflets please let me know
Sadly, trolls are a fact of 'web-life'. Ignore it / them and carry on with your fabulous work, the market is a great asset :)
Hi Sarah, keep going. There are always people who are going to be nasty and bitchy, but have they gotten up off there backsides and done anything to help like you have - errrr No! Don't let these negative people drag you down!

Absolutely agree with the others. Its probably partly a guilty conscience that encourages people to try to explain away the good actions of other people through ill-founded cynical explanations. If you can convince yourself that everybody else is just pursuing their own self interest, then the fact that you are doing nothing seems much more virtuous :-)

Thank you for very supportive and interesting comments. I'm not worried remotely by web trolls but I sincerely hope that people around Hampton begin to feel that we don't have to give to "charity" to give to each other charitably. The council did their bit with the Uplift and now it's ours to support, to use and to build our community.

I love supporting Hampton Hill parade, and Hampton Traders village lighting up.. See you hopefully too for some carols and supporting the hardworking craftspeople and farmers the trade in micro businesses at the market. For anyone who wants to be charitable, come and buy something at the market, or buy someone else a glass of mulled wine...!!!!     

I too totally agree with the others Sarah. You're doing an amazing job so please don't feel at all despondent. 

Hope you all like the tree that has arrived in the Square... I shall be singing carols around it on DECEMBER 8th, with the wind band, with the lovely ladies wot harmonise (!) and a glass or two of mulled wine....

I would like to thank Sainsbury's of Tangley Park/ Hampton Square, who have committed to putting some money towards the tree.. and to the council who have offered some funds towards it now we can raise money for bigger and better events in the Square!!! 

Good luck Sarah and to all the other 'lovely ladies wot harmonise'!

Hi Sarah,

Firstly well done for all your hard work and dedication that you put in to the setting up and running of Hampton Market, very much a lovely addition to the area.

Secondly, we see that the Christmas tree is up but will there be any lights going on it if so what day and what time will they be turned on please.

The official LIGHTING UP is on Sunday....provided the council actually find the keys to the plug sockets...The program of events is now:

Market 10-2 stalls of all sorts and hog roast.

Santa's grotto 10-2 ( funds raised for students to go to Borneo and teach / build wells and schools etc)

Concert in the White House 2.30pm by the Yeomanry Band ( They're very good. I've heard the rehearsals!) Tickets are £10 including refreshements.

There will be a small service with the Churches together around Hampton 3.30pm-4pm

There will be carols and mulled wine from 5pm.

There will be further celebrations at the Hampton from 7pm to celebrate their re-launch. ( formerly the Court Jester)

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