For about 4 weeks the O2 mast near Hatherop Park has not been working. I have contacted O2 a number of times to complain and get told different reasons that the fault is not repaired. Currently, I am told that O2 are waiting for their contractor to visit the site but can get no details of when that might be.

Last week I emailed O2 on their complaints address :-

and complained bitterly about their awful service and demanded compensation. I got a reply offering me a full refund of my monthly charge. Not a great result but something.

So, if any O2 user living near Hatherop Park wants some money back I suggest you email O2 complain about the service and ask for compensation.

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It seems to be fixed as of yesterday, we are with Tesco who use the O2 network I believe.  Worth a try to get a refund I suppose. 

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