I understand there is to be another consultation regarding parking and CPZs. We have been down this route many times in the last few years and it has been thrown out as the majority don't like the idea. Firstly there is not sufficient space for the amount of cars owned by residents in Hampton let alone visitors and shoppers. Introducing parking restrictions and CPZs will not solve the problem. Paying a fee will NOT GUARANTEE a place for your vehicle, all it will do is fill the Council coffers. Do you really want to pay,only to find the same situation. We need a Car Park in Hampton and or Resident parking plus wardens who are a little more forgiving in minor situations and petty enforcement in residential streets.

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Hi Steph - Do you have any links or further info on the consultation you can post?

Apparently a letter is coming in the post, yet again!!!

A CPZ WILL remove current kerb side parking. 10m yellow lines will be provided at all junctions. How many cars park up to the junctions at the moment? Thats a significant number of spaces 'lost'...

On top of that, we'll have the privalage to pay for it (and have the inconvenience for our friends/family when they visit, visitors permits will have to be purchased and displayed in the vehicle)

Hampton residents would not benefit from a CPZ, no way jose!

Unfortunately I don't have any links. I am however concerned that we will be missed out again. Last time this was put out amazingly it seemed only to be a questionnaire to houses around the green and the Ormonds, all of whom have off street parking. It is those of us who live in side streets around Station Road and Ashley Road who suffer most. Please ask us because we don't want to pay only to find we still are unable to.park near our homes. And yes your quite right we have to buy permits for our loved ones to visit as well as any workmen/women or delivery vehicles. SAY NO TO CPZs please.

I received this email today - for information to all


Dear Residents

I am writing to you as you have previously emailed the Council in relation to parking issues in the Hampton area.

We are launching a new parking consultation in the Hampton area. All residents and businesses in the Hampton ward will receive a letter, questionnaire and plan early next week inviting them to complete the questionnaire giving us their views on the present conditions, whether they would support a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) and if so, how they would like it to operate. This will include parking around Hampton Village.

We also be holding two drop in sessions at the Linden Community Centre on Wednesday 20th and Thursday 28th November from 4pm to 8pm where residents and businesses can ask officers questions about parking controls.

We have a page on the Council’s website dedicated to this:

If you are able to tell your neighbours about this so we receive a good response, it would be appreciated.

If you have any questions when you receive the documents, please let me know.


Tim Shishodia
Parking Policy Officer

I don't know how they got my email address as I am no advocate of CPZ

Well it isn't commuters that park in Avenue Road, although that is the main reason people wanting CPZ, if it were commuters then our road would be empty at the weekend.  The most car parking spaces I saw yesterday was two, all day and only two.  Which means of course everyone was a resident of sorts, ie Station Road etc. and Station Road was fairly full all weekend also

Today I have received my 'Questionnaire' regarding the Hampton Parking Study CPZ. I live in Cleveland Avenue which is, thank god, a de-restricted road, which means in the words of private Fraser from Dads Army 'the Council is not going to get their hands on my money' !!! If I did not live in Cleveland Avenue. I certainly would not be voting to further fill the Council coffers. We all pay our Council Tax, green waste collection. From 2 December I think I am right, DIY waste will be charged at a minimum charge of £41. 

I struggle to see an advantage to CPZ.

-most of the parking seems to be local, its not as if parking becomes easy on the weekends. and as aside would very unlikely make it easier to park close.

-would mean visitors hassle. an for myself these tend to arrive by car due to distance etc.

-essentially there is too many cars, and there needs to less not sure a CPZ will help this actually.

I totally agree as you can see from my comment above, plus the fact the area is far too large

Councillors should read the Hampton Village Facebook page and then they will see the real reaction, no stitch up this time please as it was for the 20mph, 67% said no yet it went ahead, let's hope this doesn't go the same way.  I for one want to see the results, road by road regardless

Having just been to the meeting in Linden hall one thing I forgot to mention. We are being urged to ensure elderly folk are not left to become lonely. Having by to buy permits for our loved ones and friends to visit is going to be very demanding on pensions. This is going to cause distress and possibly financial problems to some. Just because we live in a rich borough doesn't mean we are all wealthy.   Will they even be ab!e to park. Someone actually said " Don't by a permit until they've parked". Great !! After our friends and family have just driven miles. Do we send them  home and say sorry. NO CPZ please there are simply not enough spaces for the high number of vehicles in Hampton never mind our visitors. It's not just Granny coming to us but grandchildren coming to Granny. Something I enjoy but for how long. Yes I do drive but my kids come to me thank goodness. Long may they visit.

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