I understand there is to be another consultation regarding parking and CPZs. We have been down this route many times in the last few years and it has been thrown out as the majority don't like the idea. Firstly there is not sufficient space for the amount of cars owned by residents in Hampton let alone visitors and shoppers. Introducing parking restrictions and CPZs will not solve the problem. Paying a fee will NOT GUARANTEE a place for your vehicle, all it will do is fill the Council coffers. Do you really want to pay,only to find the same situation. We need a Car Park in Hampton and or Resident parking plus wardens who are a little more forgiving in minor situations and petty enforcement in residential streets.

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Well done Steph, I went and wrapped them round my little finger with the questions I asked, one being what happens to the Station Road parking, 'Answer, we will make provisions' not good enough as we have to park there sometimes as we cannot get into our road. Like tonight, my son is bringing my car back , there is nowhere in Avenue Road for him to park, ok he is young but I am not.  I don't go out in the evening because I can't go by car and don't feel safe when I get back and not be able to park.  That's the problem, there's no commuters or businesses tonight and we are jammed packed.  Too many two car families in such a small area

To prove my point my son brought my car back this evening, I asked where it was parked and lo and behold he managed to get a spot in Plevna Road, I will have to go and find out whereabouts tomorrow before | go to pick up my grandchildren.  What if that was me?  I am a 72 year old woman and don't feel safe in the dark and that could have been me.  CPZ won't alter that, as no businesses going and no commuters, it's purely too many cars in a small area.  Too many two car families,  NO TO CPZ I don't want to pay NOT to be able to park anywhere near my house

Having been up and down Percy Road today by bus, the parking was the same, as was Linden Road when I looked down there, no trains, well one an hour, it's not commuters both roads were jammed pack as always, as was mine Avenue Road.  CPZ won't solve this

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