I understand there is to be another consultation regarding parking and CPZs. We have been down this route many times in the last few years and it has been thrown out as the majority don't like the idea. Firstly there is not sufficient space for the amount of cars owned by residents in Hampton let alone visitors and shoppers. Introducing parking restrictions and CPZs will not solve the problem. Paying a fee will NOT GUARANTEE a place for your vehicle, all it will do is fill the Council coffers. Do you really want to pay,only to find the same situation. We need a Car Park in Hampton and or Resident parking plus wardens who are a little more forgiving in minor situations and petty enforcement in residential streets.

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Please fill in the forms, we don't need CPZ, over Christmas the roads were not empty which means that it was residents, and as I have said on another thread  the people that asked for it Linden Road, Oldfield and Percy Roads were just as full when the train strike was on.  I think that says it all, the roads that asked for it blamed commuters, well there weren't any

  1. Oh dear Janice.  Over Christmas the residents had visitors and were on holiday, from their work, for the Festive season. That is why the roads were busy.  Parking in Oldfield and Percy Roads was a lot easier when the train strike was on. Gloucester and Wensleydale Road and Ormond Avenue were free of cars during the strike.  I don’t think residents of Hampton will ever agree on the parking issue. Happy New Year.

I do realise people had visitors over Christmas, but I know most of the residents cars in this road and they were there, yes they were on holiday, but proves a point surely, if it were businesses or commuters the roads would have eased up,  When I said about Linden Road and Percy Road, that was during the train strike, not the Christmas period and they were as full as normal, I agree Jane residents will never agree about the parking, but I really don't want to pay NOT to be able to park any better than I do now, it's just too many cars being owned, wouldn't be quite so bad if people had one car per household.  I will now not put any further up as people know my views, I just object to paying for something that won't help me out, I walk badly, as my neighbours will agree, and really I need to get parked nearer my house, paying CPZ will not that help that.  I don't believe in going for a 'blue badge', yet I need one.  There are many like me, one car owners and elderly

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