So far this week we've had 3 near misses, last week it was two.... ever had the feeling your luck maybe running out?

The offenders aren't children but teenagers and (supposedly) grown ups?, not only are they cycling far too fast but doing so without any concern, interest or care to pedestrians.

If you say something you get a whole load of abuse or simply 'get the **** out the way'.

Someone suggested calling the police. Ha-ha-ha good joke!

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Certain areas, around Kingston for example have a lot of mixed cyclist/pedestrian areas. I suspect this has led cyclists to regard any pavement as a cycling area. There are certainly many cyclists who cycle on the pavement regardless. As much as I hate the plethora of signs everywhere, perhaps there should be signs/markings where cycling is permitted, and it made clear no sign, no cycling.

Someone came at me outside The Worlds End very fast, when I pointed out it was illegal I got abuse.  Pavements are for pedestrians not cyclists

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