Planning Application - Police Station Station Road

The planning application for the police station site at 60-68 Station Road was lodged in mid-February (following on from the proposals discussed in Linda's thread from December). All docs and details are on Richmond Borough website under 16/0606/FUL.

There has been some amendment to the plan since the proposal stage, but the basic outline remains:

  • Retention of former police station building with partial demolition of the rear wings.
  • Demolition of the rear garages.
  • Construction of 28 residential units (4 x 1 bed, 7 x 2 bed, 10 x 3 bed and 7 x 4 bed) - details below.
  • Underground car park for 40 cars, plus 3 visitor parking bays (at street level).

The residential units are located as follows:

  • 6 apartments in the former police station
  • 2 courtyard houses at the rear of the police station
  • 6 apartments in a new build apartment block fronting Station Road
  • 14 mews and townhouses around a central courtyard.

Two units (1 x 1 bed, and 1 x 2 bed) will be provided in accordance with the Council's Affordable Housing requirements (see para 6.46 of the Planning Statement.)

There is a very handy 3D image in the Daylight and Sunlight Report which provides overall context. (That report summarises the expected daylight impact on the Queens Bench cottages in paras 6.23 onwards; see also paras 6.83 onwards of the Planning Statement).Here's the street elevation:

There is a shedload of material in the application, and I've tried to keep the above brief and neutral.If you see something interesting in the materials, try to link to or reference it.

I haven't determined this definitively, but comments opened on 22 February and I understand are open for 3 weeks, i.e. Monday March 14 (please correct me if that's wrong).

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Has there been a public meeting/ consultation? We got the notice about the waterworks one and when there last week our esteemed councillor had only just heard of the care home plan so curious if there been a meeting within the last week?

There is a Public consultation 10th October 2pm-7pm at the Sea Scouts Hall, Station Road

Having just been to the 'Consultation ' which was a very poor show. I'm even more convinced that this is unsuitable for the old police station site. The excuses that most residents will come from.the local community and will have visitors using public transport or walking doesn't add up. Parking will without a doubt be a hazard. There is no provision for an emergency ambulance/paramedic car and how are they going to evacuate close on 100 staff and residents if a fire breaks out.

The fees are extremely high for both types of units and of course there will be additional costs for ground rent and additional facilities. Frankly the single units are one step away from a coffin (in my opinion) especially as there is so little outside space for recreation and healthy wellbeing needs. Money seems to be the operative achievement on a site which is far to small and on a dangerous corner of Station Road where it impossible for two buses to pass.  Time to.think again perhaps. End of life care should be better than this.

Thanks Steph. I had a look on the way home too.  I think I may have described the parking provision on Twitter as “optimistic“ but in plain sight it’s obviously ludicrous. 14 spaces is simply not enough for circa 40 employees plus visitors per day. Fair play to the architect chap who told me to my face that his client expected the majority of employees to travel by public transport. I asked him what if he’s wrong and invited him to look outside. 

I also went and they didn't convince me and they didn't seem to understand when I said that if 10 of their staff park where are the others going to park.  The actual rep from Cinnamon said maybe mini bus to collect staff.  I have put my objection on the planning up, we need more names on there

Gaah sorry I missed this ..we were one of the people who hadn't had any notice of this and I forgot the date! 

Is there a planning application number live now for comments?


Have at it, Jen. 

jen said:

Gaah sorry I missed this ..we were one of the people who hadn't had any notice of this and I forgot the date! 

Is there a planning application number live now for comments?


planning - 19/2822/FUL

Obviously people agree with it as there are only about 10 'objects', yet talking to people everyone agrees not enough parking spaces, if we want this altered more people have to put it in writing

I wouldn’t infer that people “agree” with it just because there’s only a dozen objections. Hasn’t been very well publicised (yet). 

None in favour, mind. 

At the rather poor presentation put on for Care Home project I spoke to the representative from the planning consultants who wrote the Transport document and one other person, presumably from his attitude, the principal of the Care Home business.

With regards to the Transport document the Planning Consultant said...' that they knew very little or nothing of the area or the problems relating to parking here.' He agreed the statement contained in the document relating to staff and visitor travel to and from the Care Home, will be by foot, public transport or bicycle, gives superficially, therefore, the impression that the design concept has considered and included a more than adequate provision for all present and future parking requirements and eventualities as wishful thinking... 'Events such as this Public Exhibition give us an insight into opinions and also conditions that prevail, such as parking and traffic, things that we were unaware of.'

The person representing the Care Home business was less forthcoming when asked about the lack of parking, and simply stated…. ‘we have complied with the minimum requirement for a Planning Application of this type, and there is plenty of parking around here.’ When pressed further the response was, ‘I’ve been in this business for 20 years!’ I asked if the financial consideration of more valuable letting space had anything to do with providing insufficient parking and other outside amenities, the response was the same….‘we have done what we are obliged to do and it’s a business after all’, and then….. ‘anyway if it were in Central London there would be less outside space and the parking would be worse!’

So there you have it, care comes at a cost so long as you can afford it, you don't want to sit in the sunshine and you'll not have many visitors as they won’t have anywhere to park!


I found 'Mr Cinnamon' (the company that runs the Care homes) very abrupt and he spouted the same sort of things to me and said he was use to running care homes and knew how it worked.  I did point out that having been on the website and the majority of their homes are in the process of being built or only just finished, hardly an example of knowing it worked lol  They certainly had no idea about the restriction on parking between 11 and noon nor the fact that we have football matches to consider. I did ask if we would lose the two parking spaces  outside the police station and he didn't know that they were there.  Homework for him before he tries to cajole people with this barmy scheme

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