Hello, just wondering how people have got on with the recent primary school allocations? 

We have had none of our choices offered & the same has happened to a friend of ours at the other side of Hampton.  Many others seem to have 3rd choice.

If you have a similar experience or any information which would help us to understand the whole process we'd love to hear from you.



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Hi Kathryn

I'm vice chair of Governors at Hampton Infants. Being a good school we're often oversubscribed. There are lots of issues which come into play - the major ones are having siblings at Hampton Infants or Hampton Juniors and proximity to the school.

May I ask which did you apply to and where did you get in to?

It's worth bearing in mind that you may still get into one of your choices as at the moment we're in 'offers stage' - places sometimes come up at schools as parents sometimes change their minds.
Hi there,
Thanks for the info. 1 & 2 were Carlisle & Hampton Infants. We'll have to wait it out for a while & see who accepts which offers & examine all of our options. We'd like to check out the distance measurements too as we do think we are within the limits they sent out with the forms this weekend. I'm not feeling very positive about the waiting list drop outs as these schools are both great & I can't imagine many parents not accepting a place though! Any further info you have would be appreciated. Regards Kathryn

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