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The council has opened a consultation on creating a blanket speed limit across the borough of 20mph except on the A316 and A205 (Chertsey Rd and Upper Richmond Rd) to inprove safety.

Whilst I would welcome this on unclassified roads and other areas where there is a greater risk ie around schools and shops, I feel that it will have little effect on other A Roads, and motorists impatience will cause them to sit closer to the vehicle in front or overtake creating a greater potential for accidents to occur.

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Hello Janice

A couple of things

20MPH is live in Hampton. And while the information wasn't as slick as it could have been the information has been publicised - 8 days before this post as it happens

And Community Speedwatch isn't a council initiative, it's a nationwide thing which is supported by police and the home office. It was even a storyline on The Archers. Nobody's suggesting a vigilante approach anymore than neighbourhood watch is a local crime enforcement vigilante approach. And it doesn't issue fines, just a letter saying 'you may be unaware that there's a lower limit in the area.' or words to that effect. 

The CPZ well I don't really like them to be honest but it wasn't the care home that suggested them - the response has come as a result of a few petitions which have been collected in and around the Station Area


Janice Merritt said:

The Council have gone one further, not that they have let anyone know when the 20mph rolled out, most people are still asking when?  Their website today is encouraging ordinary people to take up a speed gun and clock people speeding.  I think that is very vigilante, it's asking neighbour to go against neighbour. We have to remember that 67% of the borough said no to the 20 mph. Below is from their website

 Community Roadwatch gives local residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles in their communities. Warning letters will be issued where appropriate, and the information can help to inform the future activity of local police teams.

I use to like living in Hampton, but it's gradually losing it's appeal, too much has gone on today with the Care Home people talking about CPZ.  It's actually making me ill.  It's all very negative.


I realise the Care home didn't suggest CPZ it was the lack of a comma, my last paragraph should have read with 'Care Home, (comma) people talking about CPZ'.  

I am sure the Council could have tweeted when the roll out of 20mph came in, or even put up here.  I didn't know about the link you have put up and neither, obviously, do other people as I for one keep being asked. 


I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed but the 20mph from the A308 into Church Street/High Street to the traffic lights at the Pantile Bridge and similarly Uxbridge Road thro to big Sainsburys is causing a great deal.of tailgating due to the heavy lorries,buses and trucks on there way to the A316/M3. Just an observation perhaps this little stretch should have remained 30mph. The rest does seem to have slowed traffic around Hampton and Hampton Hill. ???

Volunteers with speed guns on Oak Avenue have these people got nothing better to do.

Last Friday in Carlisle Park three men were arrested for possession with intent to supply drugs, theft of cycle and possession of a firearm......the crime wave continues here in Hampton and a Policeman is tied up supporting these volunteers with speed guns.....

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