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The council has opened a consultation on creating a blanket speed limit across the borough of 20mph except on the A316 and A205 (Chertsey Rd and Upper Richmond Rd) to inprove safety.

Whilst I would welcome this on unclassified roads and other areas where there is a greater risk ie around schools and shops, I feel that it will have little effect on other A Roads, and motorists impatience will cause them to sit closer to the vehicle in front or overtake creating a greater potential for accidents to occur.

I may be completely wrong, but that is my gut feeling on this.

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I have an auto and it doesn't like 20 mph, have been testing in the last few weeks.  All you have to do is go along Oak Avenue, which I have said before, 20mph signs and all the humps still there, so why put up the signs (which cost money) when the humps kept it at 20 or under anyway

I agree a blanket 20mph speed limit will no doubt have unintended consequences in the form of an increase in reckless driving.

The level of congestion in Greater London does impact road speed anyway by reducing it, especially at peak times. 

30 mph is the sweet spot during off-peak times for areas that are not overly busy (schools, high street etc.), anyone caught driving recklessly above this speed deserves the worst. 

20 mph is sensible around schools and high streets, especially during peak times, but everywhere else needs a common sense approach to a maximum of 30mph (unless a designated higher speed road such as the A3, A316 etc.).

I watched an American car driving slowly down Station Road yesterday, obviously unsure as to where it was, I would estimate about 20mph or just under, and consequently the person behind tail gated it from outside St John's down to the football club where I lost sight of it.  That I fear is what will happen on a regular basis

I have followed Matt's request and have found the link about the 20 mph debate, Ta

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