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The council has opened a consultation on creating a blanket speed limit across the borough of 20mph except on the A316 and A205 (Chertsey Rd and Upper Richmond Rd) to inprove safety.

Whilst I would welcome this on unclassified roads and other areas where there is a greater risk ie around schools and shops, I feel that it will have little effect on other A Roads, and motorists impatience will cause them to sit closer to the vehicle in front or overtake creating a greater potential for accidents to occur.

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Heavens what a mess, I went to HC by bus and looked out for the signs and you are correct the A308 at the bottom of Station road along to the next bus stop is 20mph and then there is a 30mph sign, not very big.  Coming back tonight my son was driving his car and I was looking for the 20mph sign, unless you are looking doubt if you would see but some signage was on the road.  He tried putting his Mercedes  on cruise control and that wouldn't work as it was too slow, he thought it was absolutely ludicrous on a road like that and it carried on beyond the Plevna turn of, where I could see any signage at all.  He asked when it would be back to normal motoring and I presume that would be when someone reaches the Elmbridge sign.  When I told him it's the whole of Richmond he thought it was just the side roads.  I think that he is grateful to live on the other side of the river, no restrictions

As the signs are now uncovered, and the speed limit is in force, what steps are being taken to police it.

One immediate benefit is that the idiots that drive down my road at 40MPH plus can receive a ban

A308 apart from the bit of thames st was in the proposal. It's crazy slow and causes even more of a delay on a congested road now. Just been beeped at and tailgate twice when I was a good citizen and obeyed the signs

Comment on my photo, this was taken close up opposite The World's end, any car passing in the road wouldn't see it, you would have thought they would have put it lower. It's only one of two on this stretch of road

jen said:

A308 apart from the bit of thames st was in the proposal. It's crazy slow and causes even more of a delay on a congested road now. Just been beeped at and tailgate twice when I was a good citizen and obeyed the signs

Having just gone over the road to St Johns I noticed there is a free lamppost on both sides of the one with flowers. Derr wouldn't they have been a better place to put these wretched signs that we don't want.  Please please to the powers that be do not cut the flowers which makes or village look nice just move the signs please

At last I found someone at LBRUT who would talk to me.

According to them the Hampton (T1) and Kew (R1) 20 mph speed limit went live at the beginning of last week.  These two areas are inclusive of all the roads as described in their Schedule of Rollout for T1 and R1 and shown on their Map of Cells.

There are no dates shown for the 20 mph introduction to any area. So watchout!

Their map of cells wouldn't open for me.  It would have been good if LBRUT actually put a notice out to everyone, having been told it could take a year!!

Thanks Ian most of us are working on the assumption that it hasn't come in yet, even a councillor!!

The Council have gone one further, not that they have let anyone know when the 20mph rolled out, most people are still asking when?  Their website today is encouraging ordinary people to take up a speed gun and clock people speeding.  I think that is very vigilante, it's asking neighbour to go against neighbour. We have to remember that 67% of the borough said no to the 20 mph. Below is from their website

 Community Roadwatch gives local residents the opportunity to work side by side with their local police teams and use speed detection equipment to identify speeding vehicles in their communities. Warning letters will be issued where appropriate, and the information can help to inform the future activity of local police teams.

I use to like living in Hampton, but it's gradually losing it's appeal, too much has gone on today with the Care Home people talking about CPZ.  It's actually making me ill.  It's all very negative.

    New job opportunity 

    Ehmann should apply and perhaps make himself useful for once!

Was that picture taken in Thames street earlier today? :)

ha ha - great

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