I need to get to Kew via Richmond for 7pm on the evening of the H Hill parade.  Does anyone know the diversion route of the R70 bus?

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Hi Sue - Just had an exchange with TFL on twitter.

This is what they said re R70:

R70 is diverted via Park Road, Uxbridge Road & missing out stops on High Street. Catch your bus at Princes Road or Ormond Drive.

and for the R68 and 285:

R68 is also missing out stops on High Street. Route 285 missing out stops between Park Road and Parkside.

This map should put that in context.

Hope that's helpful.

Thanks for the info Matt.  It took us 2 hours to get to Kew Gardens because I didn`t realise that Richmond High St was also closed.  What a nightmare! 

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