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I work for an organisation that gives me two full paid days volunteering allowance a year and I need to use mine up. Historically i've done this through some of the charities work supports but I'd really like to do something local. 

I checked Richmond volunteering site but they are all 'regular' commitments needed which with a full time job I can't really commit to right now. 

So .. was just a shout out to this community to see if anyone is involved in / aware of any local charity initiatives that could do with an extra pair of hands. I could split this in to four half days , but ideally two full days ( as easier to organise cover at work)

Can turn my hands to anything really.. I'd just really like to use this time for something local given I benefit so much from living in this lovely village. 

Ideas welcome, thanks

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Try ringing Linden hall and speak to Joanne 8941 2373.  I have put a post up for volunteers on the 4th June as we are desperately short of them for the Fun Day/Fair

Saw your post Janice but my days need to be work days not weekend! I'll call Joanne tho

I am sure they need volunteers during the week, can never have too many if only for a short period

Or how about Shooting Star charity? Or any of the charity shops in Hampton Hill?


Please volunteer at Richmond Furniture scheme (near Squires) we are a local furniture reuse charity and we need volunteers. Regular commitment isn't necessary and we can accommodate to hours that suit you. Please call me on 0208 755 4665. Thanks

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