Reminder: HPN Meeting tomorrow (Sunday) at the Bell at 20.00

Just a quick reminder and some more information about tomorrow's meeting (which is on Sunday April 27, not April 26 as I kept suggesting in the newsletters). The things I think we should discuss are:

  1. Ideas for improvements to the site - in terms of how it looks, how it works and how things are done
  2. Ideas for making the site more lively/friendly/active
  3. Brief discussion of principles (or do's and don't) for the site
  4. Social programme - should we try to organise meet-ups or other events?
  5. Publicity - should we try to publicise the site more? If so, how?
  6. Finance - thanks to the Hampton Social Club we are currently in a good financial position, but if we want to do more publicity or have a social programme, we may want to raise a bit more money, but this should not be too hard.

This is intended as a fairly comprehensive agenda, but additional suggestions are welcome and don't think it is going to be a long boring meeting. I certainly don't think we will discuss things for as long as an hour and it could be quicker depending on how many people attend. We will then definitely have a drink together - so hopefully, the meeting part will be quite short and the chatting part longer and good fun. Looking forward to seeing as many people there as possible.


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Hi Paul, I am assuming the venue is 'The Bell' opposite Bell Hill. God willing!!! I shall be there. Regards. Bryan

Great, Bryan. It is in the Bell Inn just next to St Mary's Church near the river.

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