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I'm the bearer of bad news.  A gas leak has been identified near the Lion Gate entrance to Bushy Park. Unfortunately this means that traffic is being managed by three way lights so on top of the roadworks for Thames Water this looks likely to cause yet more delays.

Of course this is something of an emergency so it's important that the crews get to the bottom of the problem and fix the leak.  The initial timescale being offered to the council is that it SHOULD be cleared by tomorrow afternoon.

So if you can take the train or the bike to get around then I strongly advise that you do so - because even if you're driving to avoid the Hampton Court Road, you can bet your bippy that many others will be doing exactly the same

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Give him his due, I had a long email from Cllr Buckwell delivered overnight, apologising for the delay in writing back and of course about the road works.  At least had the good manners to reply.

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