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I'm the bearer of bad news.  A gas leak has been identified near the Lion Gate entrance to Bushy Park. Unfortunately this means that traffic is being managed by three way lights so on top of the roadworks for Thames Water this looks likely to cause yet more delays.

Of course this is something of an emergency so it's important that the crews get to the bottom of the problem and fix the leak.  The initial timescale being offered to the council is that it SHOULD be cleared by tomorrow afternoon.

So if you can take the train or the bike to get around then I strongly advise that you do so - because even if you're driving to avoid the Hampton Court Road, you can bet your bippy that many others will be doing exactly the same

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Thanks so much for the information Gareth, it was helpful and informative to receive the information promptly.

I hope it will not take too long for our new cabinet member for highways to come up to speed! :-)

I believe that collectively we now have a much more detailed view of both public sentiment and technical requirements regarding planning/monitoring of street works within Hampton and surrounding areas.

This is a good opportunity for Cllr Buckwell to rapidly make amends and to restore public faith.

Since this has moved up a page now go back to page 8. I say again bombard P Buckwell the new man in highways. Don't give up. In Ian Cooks reply from council it said Station Road was to be stopped and resumed at a later date. Traffic lights removed and site cleared. Wires crossed again. So much for the new man's start.HELP

Well the lights in Station Road have been switched off, but the barriers are there, would you believe men are working.  It's very dangerous though as it is still only one side of the road so people have to fight to get through and you can't see the traffic coming towards you in either direction

That's terrible and shows their complete lack of care or respect for the council regulations. Why are Richmond council not acting on this? It's a complete farce.

Disappointed to see that at 8.30am this morning no workmen were on site at the Thames Water repair on Station Road - yet two areas are still coned off and traffic weaving around them.  Please provide an update.

Site cleared lights gone workmen gone. TBC at a later date as we were told yesterday.

45 minutes this morning from Station Road to the Stock Yard, marginal gain, 09.30 arrived at the road works there were 2 Morrisons work vans there, great!

Hmmm!..only problem no work being done too busy sitting in the vans reading their newspapers. They were probably worn out getting there through the traffic jam.  It makes one dispair.

I walked past the archaeological dig, sorry roadworks - well it's been going on so long it feels like one, and they may well be finished tonight as the hole is filled in. Fingers crossed.....
Thames Water Twitter people tell me "everything is on course to finish as scheduled" and that "there will be some checks to be made afterwards but they won't require any lights".
If Thames Water advised that it was dark at night - I'd go out check at least twice......
Hahahaha indeed....anyone heard from the new councillor yet.?

No not yet, I imagine he's snowed under!!!!  We hope.

Finished on schedule. Which schedule it was supposed to finish 16th May, then 20th May and then 30th May.  Don't hold your breath!!

No doubt they will find somewhere else to dig up. Don't forget Station Road not finished...they have to return with traffic lights and workmen that actually work.

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