Paul and I had a discussion recently about refreshing HPN, and after a bit of shuffling around and a coat of paint, here is the result.  All feedback and comments welcome.

The aim has been to de-clutter the site, and to focus on the site's most valuable asset: the contributions of its members. So the forum has been placed front and centre. This is a place for you to have your say about your community, so have at it.

There's still a bit of work to go on the secondary pages, so things will still be shifting in transit.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

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wow, Matt. Certainly looks a lot cleaner and more modern. I hope everyone else likes it (and will be glad to see their comments). Hampton People's Network is entering an exciting era :-)

Looking in a bit more detail, I like the Twitter feed and wonder whether it should not have higher billing - maybe even top right hand corner? It is certainly worth thinking about the "fold", i.e. what will be visible in most people's browsers without them having to scroll down.

Indeed Paul, had been thinking in exactly those terms myself. Think the Events/Twitter order could go either way. The current order is predicated as the latter being subservient to the forum but agree the alternative is just as viable.

Well I thought I was on another site!!! Much preferred the old one, knew where to go and where to find things.  On the main page of the last one it had a list of things going on, on the left hand side of the main page and clubs on the right.  As I am trying to get people to join our whist club, it has now disappeared from the main page, so not much help in that direction

Ok I found the above that was missing, well part of it, but where the Whist Club was visible it has now under 'view all'.  Too many tweets and taking up the space.  Not everyone tweets

Thanks Jen, that's really useful feedback, and opens up some key issues around the re-design.

Firstly, Groups was one of the least-used parts of the site: of the 23 Groups registered, near half had two or fewer members, and only 8 had any activity this year. If you want to promote your Whist group, you should feel free to post an Event (which are still on the front page, above the fold) for the next meeting and link to your group. I've increased the number of Groups on display (they are ranked by latest activity).

As for "not everyone tweets", that's kind of the point of putting it on the Main Page. The feed essentially comprises re-tweets of community information from other local accounts. So if a member doesn't have a Twitter account (for whatever reason) they can come to HPN and otherwise see community information in real time. In the past week this included:
- free swimming lessons for kids at Hampton Pool
- the link to the Duke's Head Passage cycling petition
- info about local fireworks displays
- the emergency roadworks today on Hampton Court Road
- a free dementia-themed play reading in Kingston
- a Bushy Park walking group run by the YWCA
- info and pics from the Linden Hall Hampton Traders event last Saturday
- an LBRuT consultation on cycling on towpaths
- and some nice pictures people have taken in and around Hampton.

There will be no cat videos. There will be lots of timely local information posted to the front page (without necessarily going through the rigmarole of a Forum post). And you don't need a Twitter account to see it.

Hope that clarifies some of the thinking behind these changes.

Thank you to whoever put the whist club back on the main page.  I did put it in 'Events' but it only allows for the day.  It's weekly club so it doesn't show.  We have 8 members so far but would like more.  The fact that it says one is irrelevant, the one is me who posted it.

Great to hear the Whist club is doing so well Janice. You should encourage the participants to become members of HPN and join your Group. You could post meeting results to the Group page. Discuss tips and tactics. Tell Whist-related jokes. Anything and everything Whist-esque.

Point is, setting up a Group isn't a way to get a placeholder on the front page. A Group is somewhere for people to interact and engage on a given topic of common interest. If the Group has active participation, it will stay on the front page by virtue of it being active. Hopefully there will come to be a lot of active groups, and the selection on the front page will vary to reflect levels of engagement.

I wouldn't want you to think that any Group's place on the front page is permanent, as the display of Groups is meant to be dynamic and changing. It's only by virtue of other Groups' inactivity that yours has remained in place. The best way to promote your Monday meeting would be to post in the Forum on a Sunday evening (and have active participation in your Group on HPN).

Thanks Matt I will ask them to join, not sure they all have pc's though as a couple are quite old, but I will try

Based on feedback and usage analysis, we've reverted the design of HPN back to a 3-column layout. A majority of our visitors are viewing HPN on a desktop, so we're mindful of maximising activity and interest "above the fold". We've also used the space to expand the events and groups listings. This should settle the design for a while as we see how things develop. Thanks for your forebearance.

Thank you Matt, I am one of those that are using a laptop to use HPN it's much better now, shame I don't like blue, but that's my choice lol

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