Royal Mail have put out a press release today saying they are exploring the option of moving the delivery operation from Rose Hill to Ashford Delivery Office.


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I thought I read, a while ago now, that it was no longer needed by the Post Office and had been sold for housing.

I couldn't find the press release on the Royal Mail website - do you have a link?

This is the press release I was sent:News Release

6 March 2018


Royal Mail is exploring the option of relocating its Hampton delivery office to Ashford and has started to discuss this with the Communication Workers Union (CWU) and our people in both offices
If the move goes ahead, it would enable us to improve facilities for our customers and our people
There would be no impact on deliveries to our customers

Royal Mail is exploring the option of relocating its delivery operations in Hampton to our office in Ashford and we have started to discuss this with the CWU and our people in both offices.

The proposed new location, at Ashford delivery office, Feltham Hill Road TW15, has sufficient space for our Hampton delivery operations. It would also enable us to improve facilities for our people and our customers in the TW12 postcode area.

This is part of Royal Mail’s ongoing transformation of its business to increase the efficiency of its operation as well as providing delivery offices that are fit for purpose for our staff and for our customers. Hampton delivery office is a small building built in 1960 which now no longer meets our requirements.

What this means for customers
If this relocation goes ahead, there will be no impact on deliveries to our customers. The postmen and women who work in Hampton delivery office will continue to serve the local community, delivering a high quality service to our customers.

If customers choose to collect mail from us because they were not at home when we tried to deliver it, they will be able to do this from the customer service point at Ashford delivery office. This will be open longer than the office in Hampton, including until 8.00 pm on Wednesday evenings, and will have some dedicated customer parking spaces.

Royal Mail can now leave many mail items with a neighbour* if customers are not at home when we attempt delivery. Customers can nominate a dedicated neighbour to take in their parcels by filling in a form at their delivery office.

Customers can also arrange a redelivery free of charge on a day that is convenient for them (including Saturdays), or Royal Mail can deliver the item to a different address within the same postcode area. This service can be arranged by calling the number on the “Something for You” card we leave or by visiting our website at

If the move goes ahead, detailed planning would take place to ensure a smooth transition for our operations, our people and the service we provide to our customers. We have a strong track record of managing change and we would work with our staff and our unions to give them the opportunity to discuss the implications in detail. We do not expect there to be any job losses if the move goes ahead.

*Apart from Special Delivery items and inbound international items that require a signature.


For further information contact:
Sally Hopkins, Royal Mail press office
Tel: 020 7449 8252/07801 094345
Royal Mail press office 020 7449 8246

Notes to Editors
Hampton delivery office is currently located in Rose Hill, Hampton TW12 2AA. There are around 30 staff based in this office.
Ashford delivery office is located in Feltham Hill Road, Ashford TW15 1YA.


Strangely conditional language (“... if the move goes ahead ...”). How best to lodge an objection?

A twenty minute car journey away with no obvious pubcli transport. I care little about extra  facilities but more about being able to walk, often en route to the station or other local shops without the need to pay for travel or add to congestion . All very well saying nominate a neighbour...but that relies on them being in too. It's never about providing better service. It's all about cost sabinv.

This is a terrible idea and will impact adversely on so many people. This assumes that people have a car to drive to Ashford which also has specific opening hours. My neighbours all work so there is no one here I can ‘rely on’ anyway. As previously stated this is not about customers but about money as usual.

Thanks for the press release.

I agree Ashford is not the greatest of locations - if Hampton *had* to be closed, surely another sorting office - such as Teddington (if it's still open!), would be better (atleast public transport wise).

This outrageous! My business has it's PO Box at Hampton DO and I collect because it is too expensive to have it delivered. I am truly outraged at how this move will not only affect the hardworking Post-People of Hampton but the small businesses and local community! I don't drive - how the hell am I supposed to collect my post now?! I have my prescriptions delivered along with personal post.  The opening hours of delivery offices are USELESS for anyone with a full-time job. This means that if you are expecting a parcel you will absolutely have to wait in. 

Is there a petition?

Well that at least answers a question a friend and I were talking about only a few days ago.  We were trying to work out where we would have to go if it closed. Teddington, I believe is in the process of being 'turned into something else'.  I agree with all of the above, too far away to benefit us at all especially if you are old or disabled how would you get there?  Can we start to lobby someone about this, just in case it slips by without public consultation.

As an experiment I have just googled how to get there by different methods.  It takes 16 mins by car on the quickest route (ok I suppose if you have a car) and 33 mins quickest route by bus, which includes a walk.  Not very practical if it's a heavy parcel and you cannot carry it.  So where does that benefit us at all.

There must be an option here for collection to be at the Post Office? That at least would be close and would generate foot fall for the shop.

Jon. I tweeted same suggestion on the thread this morning. Appears where other local sorting offices have closed the use of a local post office instead as the place to pick up miased packages has often beeb part of royal mail's proposition and consultation  Doesn't appear in this press statement. And not sure if there's been or will be any consultation

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